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Samsung Cell Phone, a Basic But Important Phone

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Samsung cell phones are a favorite choice among cellular phone uses. Despite the simple design of the basic phone, they easily disappear off the store shelves because of their sheer popularity. This brand of phones actually eats a large share of the market, edging other popular mobile phone brands.

Samsung cell phones are best for those whose needs are basic such as sending and accepting text messages and calls. If you are someone who does not need the high technology cell phone functions, buying the most basic of the Samsung cell phones for your everyday use might be all that is necessary. It is actually much reasonable to purchase the basic phone if you need not play and tinker with the much more advanced unit for its high tech functions.

The basic model of Samsung cell phone is of great design and style. They possess clear displays; this can be very advantageous when you are a frequent text sender and receiver. Likewise, this mobile phone brand has a long battery life compared to the other cell phone brands. The designs of Samsung are beautiful and stylish despite its basic features – there is certainly one that best suits your design requirements.

Remember the basic Samsung cell phone is far better if compared to the basic models of cell phone brands. This is true especially if you only desire to use this mobile phone for your texting needs.

However, it is advisable for you not to expect basic Samsung cell phone for more tech features; the most basic Samsung cell phones do not have internet connection, no photo transfer feature and are not Bluetooth ready. It is certainly not going to be a techie’s favorite mobile phone brand. For the high tech individuals who want more from their cell phone; there are now more advanced Samsung cell phones with great features and functions. It is up to you if you actually need these phone features and buy a much more advanced phone instead.

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Galaxy SII is a Nice Smartphone

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The Samsung Galaxy SII is very unique and attractive smartphone. Two years ago it was the best phone on the market. But today new Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5 have a better set of features. Many people are using this phone now. They don’t want to by new phone because they like Galaxy SII so much. But what makes so many people like this smartphone? This smartphone is a touchscreen, slate-format Android that gadget designed, marketed, and developed by Samsung. It has expanded hardware, additional software features and a redesigned look. Samsung Galaxy SII was launched with “Gingerbread”, and later was updated to “Ice Cream Sandwich”, and “Jelly Bean”. Last update was in 2013. So even now your Galaxy SII can be updated. It’s so cool that Samsung take care about people who bought Galaxy SII and update this phone at least two times per year.

Many people buy this phone because it looks so good. A key attraction of this phone is its amazing 4.3in SuperAMOLED Plus screen. This screen is truly impressive and it still can surprise buyers. With 640×960 pixels it’s sharper than many other phones, and the AMOLED technology make picture more realistic. Camera is impressive too. You can make beautiful movies and share with you friends and family. And it’s so easy to use this phone. There are no confusing options in Samsung Galaxy SII. This smatphone has only useful and friendly features.

The presence of a 1.2GHz dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor is also a benefit of this device. The Samsung Galaxy S II was one of the first phones to have a dual-core processor; two years ago it was super cool. The power of dual-core processor is enough to launch several applications at once. This phone has 12GB of build-in storage plus microSD card that can accommodate even more space. If you have this amazing smartphone you are lucky. If you don’t have, but want to buy something not expensive this phone is for you. The Samsung Galaxy SII is excellent choice for second phone. Many people have several phones. It’s very useful to have two cell phones. And Galaxy SII is the best phone that you can buy for that amount of money. Soon Samsung will launch new Samsung Galaxy SIV. It will be amazing smarphone. But new Galaxy will be at least in two times more expensive than Galaxy SII.

Learn more about Samsung Galaxy SII on the website http://www.galaxysii.net

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How to Keep Your Android Phone Secure

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It is an unfortunate fact that mobile phone theft is on the increase. While it is very convenient being able to access the internet from wherever you are just by using your phone, this also raises questions about the safety of your data. Data theft and hacking are both on the increase.


Not only do you need to take precautions to prevent a thief taking your phone, you also need to be careful about how you use the internet, if you don’t want your phone and personal data hacked. Instances of malware and spyware are on the increase. Most of us are well aware of the need to protect our computers, but when it comes to tablets and android phones, we don’t always take the same precautions.


How Your Phone Can be Attacked by Spy and Malware


One of the things that allow hackers to place nasty programmes on our phones, apart from when they steal them, is through apps. Everyone wants the latest game or other type of application on their phone. You need to take care about what you download as a good number of apps from Google Store, that we think are safe, are not.


Another way in which hackers can insert a piece of text and steal our data is by tricking us. Most tricks used on Androids tend to be the ones we avoid on our computers; phishing emails for example or a caller pretending to be someone they are not. Without realising it you can give your personal information to virtually anyone when you fall for bogus calls or emails.


You can easily be tricked into downloading an unsafe application because hackers implement these things as a sort of ‘doppelganger’: they give them an almost identical name to the safe apps, in the hope that you will accidently download the fake one instead. One way of protecting yourself from unsafe apps is to hold off on downloading them until you have the time to ensure that what you are getting is safe.


Protecting Yourself and Your Phone


In the same way that you take precautions to protect your computer, you really need to do the same kind of thing with your phone. Don’t keep bank details, credit card details or passwords listed in your phone; you are asking for trouble. If someone steals your phone and manages to get it unlocked, they can access your personal data. If you have downloaded an unsafe app, the coding contained within it could track your data.


Always have your phone password protected; this makes it much harder for a thief to access your data. Most androids have a built in encryption system to make your personal data virtually impossible to access. Check your phone settings to find out how to encrypt your data – this is especially necessary when you are downloading through the USB port.


It is a good idea to install an anti-spy or malware programme on your phone, just as you would your computer. The vast majority of these programmes are safe and they really can give much needed protection to your phone.


This post was written by James Harper for QT&C , the information assurance specialists.


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Learn How To Inexpensive Cell Phone Plans

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At present , a cellular telephone is thought of as one of the most popular and handy devices that have the ability to make and receive calls from different areas all over the world. Actually it's become an attachment of modern existence. The cellular telephone you've been using adds an element for mobility as it allows you to communicate or perhaps try the Web on without using any wire, wire or other physical connection attached on your cellular telephone.

As a cellular telephone user, it is critical to explore a range of facets of pre-paid plans, including the history of pre-paid cell phones, differing types of prepaid plans, and some advantages and considerations regarding their functionalities. Pre paid cellphone plans are advantageous especially when the user does not qualify for a common post-billed service due to lack of funds, lower income or shortage of permanent home address. In addition, these prepaid plans aren't pricey and easy to acquire. Actually most of them don't require credit checks or intensive details before their activation. One great point about prepaid cellular telephones is they permit users to manage their expenses and forestall amassing great cellular phone bills.

The Correct Way To Choose A Prepaid Plan

These days you will find countless Television commercials for a new cell phone plan that provide many options to choose between. As a consequence, comparing cell-phone plans can surely be overwhelming. Here are some steps that will help you to determine the best cell phone plan that will provide your wishes as a cell-phone user and get the best plans of 2012.

Primary step is to test out your old cellular telephone bills and carefully judge how many minutes you utilise your cellular telephone on a regular basis, and at what time of the day you employ it. Additionally, think about other services that are crucial to you like text messaging, Net access and photograph mail.

Identify how often you want to acquire the cell phone plan. For example, you would like to use 350 daytime minutes every month, a plan that allows you to consume 400 minutes is a great choice. You may also consider utilizing the same for your data access as well as for sending text messages.

Another critical thing is to test out offerings from other major cellular telephone suppliers. You can easily do it by simply visiting their websites so you can be well placed to get the info you want.

Learn how to get the cheapest cellphone plans and find the benefits of getting used cell phones.

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