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Meet the Next Gen Samsung Galaxy S IV Smartphone

South Korean innovator Samsung released its much awaited Galaxy S IV Smartphone this Thursday, at a launch event in Radio City Music Hall, NY, overturning its popular convention of new brand releases in home soil.Samsung Galaxy S IV Smartphone

Having initiated the Galaxy S series in 2010, the company set the pace for competition against Apple’s iPhone. After its rise to the top with the launch of the Galaxy S III in 2012, and subsequently the Galaxy Note II, Samsung seems to be giving Apple a run for its money with this newest innovation.

J.K. Shin, Head of Mobile Communications for Samsung, has dubbed this 4th update of the company’s signature product ‘a life companion.’ That sound like a tall claim? See for yourself.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV – Highlights

Display Features

  • The Smartphone’s endearing scroll and pause feature was a big hit. The device detects when the user is focused on an online video and pauses when he/she looks away. Its scroll feature is activated by tilting it to one side.
  • The device’s ‘touchless interface’ is another brilliant feature, activated even with air gestures.
  • With an ultra-light 7.9 mm build, and weighing only 130 grams, the Galaxy S IV stays true to the company’s claim of ‘less to hold and more to see.’
  • It comes in two colors: ‘Black Mist’ and ‘White Frost.’
  • The Smartphone boasts a 1080p screen, and its TouchWiz feature has been graphically perked with a translucent menu bar.

Camera Features

  • With a 13 megapixel rear and 2 megapixel front-facing camera, the device offers a higher degree of visual clarity and even simultaneous shooting capacity.
  • It also provides nine seconds of audio space with every photo.
  • The Smartphone’s remarkable Eraser feature enables you to cut out unwanted people from your snapshot!
  • It even has a Story Album feature that sorts photos into folders, automatically detects when you are away from home, and sets up an album.
  • The device is equipped with gesture and temperature sensors as well.

Software Features

  • The Galaxy S IV’s curtain raiser was the S Translate application – a multi lingual translating feature which supports nine languages including Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. It is said that this app can even help the user translate menu cards and sign boards!
  • The device’s S Voice Drive handles traffic support, voice activated email navigation, and weather updates.
  • Its health monitoring feature is capable of measuring the user’s weight and heart rate.
  • Being the first device to feature Knox, the business software announced at Mobile World Congress 2013, the Galaxy S IV has the ability to divide and separately work on personal and work related information by switching modes.

Power Features

  • The Smartphone uses cloud synchronization.
  • Its in-built infrared remote control feature works with all Smart TV systems.
  • It offers 16GB of storage, built-in extension of 32GB or 64GB, and a Micro SD slot.
  • It is powered by a 2,600 mAH removable battery.

All said and done Samsung has really outdone itself with this latest addition to the Galaxy S family.

Having captured the top spot in 2012 for affordable handsets and Smartphones, the company has since rocked Apple’s profit figures with a sale of around 100 million Galaxy S Smartphones worldwide.

The competition between the two world electronic giants grows fiercer with the Samsung Galaxy S IV set to go on the market in April of this year.

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IPhone 5 – The Latest Fad On The Mobile Phone Market

iPhone 4 is a wonderful bit of IT technological innovation. Unfortunately, it was launched during a period when mobile engineering marvels have become some thing of the common function, what with Samsung, Nokia and other rivals providing their own high quality mobile phones. That is why, the iPhone 4 just didn’t make this type of big splash in revenue. The the iPhone 5 should be announced for release in the near future.

The iPhone 5 has been said to be presented for sale by fall of the year, and is also appears to be unveiled in September of 2011.So, what exactly are people saying the iPhone 5 will probably be like when compared to the iPhone 4?There have been no shortage of gossips encompassing iphone fifth generation.Some assert it’s going to be a somewhat far better edition of the iPhone 4.

As outlined by Apple, the modern iPhone 5 will have full functionalities that you need to utilize it as the best cell phone.The most important alterations will come in the sort of A5 processor,8 mega-pixel camera and will also be a “world phone” capable. While the iPhone 4 has a excellent processor chip, A4 processor which works well for music,gaming andand communication purposes.

The iPhone 4 is 9.3 millimeters thick, which makes it the worlds slimmest cell phone ever. Some says the iPhone 5 will look a lot like its predecessor, yet more speculators state that one of the most anticipated iPhone 5 can look a lot like the “iPod” Touch 4th gen, except that it would begin from thick to thin, completely.In terms of display wed expect the iPhone 5 to include a curved 4-inch Retina Display helps it be distinctive from other cell phones.

With regards to Operating System apple iphone 4 is set up with iOS 4, the iPhone 5 will probably be using the new operating system iOS 5.As we know the iOS 5 is named as the best mobile os in forums as well as blogs. iOs 5 is claimed to generally be much better to make use of compared to the iOS 4, though learning how to make use of the latter is not as hard.In regards the camera quality,apple iphone 4 uses a 5mp camera, while iPhone 5 is rumored to generally be using an 8 megapixel camera, to generally be developed by Sony, one of the leading camera makers in the world.

Storage is a tricky one, Apples iCloud said, we wouldnt be amazed ifin the event that Apple upped the storage towards the 64GB mark about the iPhone 5, especially considering that countless Android handsets are now rocking around the 64GB mark with their combined internal and SD storage.So,iphone 5 can have a considerable storage for “iphone apps”.

On whether or not these gossips with regards toregarding features of iphone 5 will prove true. Only time will tell if their predictions about Apple’s next generation smartphone come true as well.

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