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Samsung Cell Phone, a Basic But Important Phone

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Samsung cell phones are a favorite choice among cellular phone uses. Despite the simple design of the basic phone, they easily disappear off the store shelves because of their sheer popularity. This brand of phones actually eats a large share of the market, edging other popular mobile phone brands.

Samsung cell phones are best for those whose needs are basic such as sending and accepting text messages and calls. If you are someone who does not need the high technology cell phone functions, buying the most basic of the Samsung cell phones for your everyday use might be all that is necessary. It is actually much reasonable to purchase the basic phone if you need not play and tinker with the much more advanced unit for its high tech functions.

The basic model of Samsung cell phone is of great design and style. They possess clear displays; this can be very advantageous when you are a frequent text sender and receiver. Likewise, this mobile phone brand has a long battery life compared to the other cell phone brands. The designs of Samsung are beautiful and stylish despite its basic features – there is certainly one that best suits your design requirements.

Remember the basic Samsung cell phone is far better if compared to the basic models of cell phone brands. This is true especially if you only desire to use this mobile phone for your texting needs.

However, it is advisable for you not to expect basic Samsung cell phone for more tech features; the most basic Samsung cell phones do not have internet connection, no photo transfer feature and are not Bluetooth ready. It is certainly not going to be a techie’s favorite mobile phone brand. For the high tech individuals who want more from their cell phone; there are now more advanced Samsung cell phones with great features and functions. It is up to you if you actually need these phone features and buy a much more advanced phone instead.

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Fingerprints To Replace Your Pin

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Being able to securely log into your phone and not having to remember a yet another pin, is currently the aim of some big technology companies. Apple are investigating the fingerprint, whilst Samsung already have face recognition and are researching the possibility of eye recognition. Voice recognition must surely be only a stone’s throw away.

AuthenTec were a biometric security firm, who were not that well-known outside of technology circles. That is until, Apple brought them for lb235 million last summer. By showing their hand and declaring that they are indeed looking at biometric security features, Apple has revealed that the speculation was based on pure fact.

These same rumour sources have been predicting minimal changes to the appearance of the new iPhone 5S, but will improvements inside. Yet again, a faster processor and a better camera being the main attractions. Some predictions of a cheaper version have surfaced, along with talk of a new iPad model coming out.

To remove the need for a pin code, a fingerprint reader would need to be housed in the screen of the iPhone. Allowing you to scan your finger, rather than remember a random four digit pin. Samsung phones feature their “Face Unlock”, which recognises a user’s face and unlocks the phone without further need to enter a pin. The feature has been around for over a year now, allowing the firm to iron out the creases and release a new version, which doesn’t allow you to use a photo instead of a real person.

Voice recognition has become a standard accessory on the smart phone, leading to suggestions that this could be used to provide secure access. However, neither Samsung’s nor Apple’s versions, can specifically identify one person compared to another. Samsung, has successfully integrated an eye-tracking system into the S3. Using the function as a gimmick, until a real use can be found. Keeping the screen lit, is not the most impressive use of this function.

Having created trademark applications for “Eye Scroll” and “Samsung Eye Scroll”, it appears that Samsung has found a more practical use for a great piece of technology. It will allow users to move their eyes towards the bottom of a page, which then automatically scrolls down with your gaze. Removing the need to manually point and press the screen to read an article.

Moving away from the need to remember a random series of numbers and letters, should invariably make your devices safer. It is hoped that the introduction of fingerprint recognition, will take the place of your secure logging in.

Yet again, even more rumours are rife, that Google is attempting to use a smart phone chip to remove passwords completely. With more and more technology companies clearly pouring resources into this field of research, it will only be a matter of time before our beloved passwords are a thing of the past and we use our bodies to gain access to our most secure information. It seems the future of the pin or password is living on borrowed time.

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A Simplified History Of The Mobile Phone

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Nowadays most people would be lost without their trusty mobile phone. It’s the one thing that everyone takes when they leave their house. If you look at how recently these things came about, it is quite amazing how integrated this piece of equipment is to our modern day lives. Here in this article we will talk about their brief history, from the first phone to modern smartphones.

The Invention of the telephone

A highly debated subject as to who actually invented the telephone, but the most widely accepted inventor of it is Scotland’s Alexander Graham Bell. He was awarded a US Patent on his machine in 1876. The first phone call was made over a distance of fifteen feet! The conversation went along the lines of “Watson, come here, I want you.” The invention came about while looking for a replacement for the telegraph machine although at this time the look of the machine was not on top of Bells priorities. Elisha Gray is also worth a mention as Gray put in for a patent for a model using related technology around the same time as Bells.

The First Phones

The first sales of early telephones were reserved for the bourgeoisie as they were still very uncommon at this time. The designs for these early models were very ornate and had a two piece handset, one for hearing and one for speaking which were later integrated to form a modern handset.

The Phone Box

Phone boxes at the time of installation were thought to be the ultimate in new technology, as they permitted you to phone somebody while you were out, these were the mobile phones of their day. The red phone box is still a major tourist icon in London and although still used in many countries across the world, their users are declining which ultimately will see this type of phone disappear from street corners.

In Car Telephones

The first time phones took on a form of mobility they were used in cars. They had to be really as the amount of fittings essential for them to work had to be incorporated into the boot of a car. This technology will be looked back on and maybe laughed about by future generations, but it was a necessary step to get to where we are today

The first Mobile Phones

These were rightly the paramount mobile telephones. However they were still the size of a briefcase and very expensive. Also at the time, they were seen as more of a status symbol than a useful piece of technology.

Handheld Mobile Phones

This new wave of mobile phones was smaller and relatively inexpensive compared to their first generation cousins. They soon became very popular and threatened to wipe out the use of landline technology in homes. These early mobile phones were very bulky and some of the first models are called ‘bricks’ because of their size and bulkiness.

Smart Phones

This new wave of phones has revolutionised the world really, and there is ferocious competition to be at the top of the market. Although touchscreen technology had been around for a while, this has now been integrated to the mobile phone market, along with cameras and internet capabilities as such they are much more than just phones.

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Two Basic Skills Required In Application Development For Mobile Platforms

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Being successful in application development for mobile platforms will require you to be in possession of two skills which are considered to be essential. These skills are so basic and so important that not having them would impact your mobile application development goals greatly. Whether you want to have a job in the business or you want to make it your business, make sure you have these skills.

To ensure your success in the field of mobile platform application development, it is important that you have some of what is known as object-oriented programming skills. You notice that, for some reason, most of the applications for mobile platforms are coded in a language known as Java. Java is essentially one of the many existing object oriented languages. You need a solid understanding of the whole object oriented programming concept, before you can be in a position to internalize Java. There are cases, however, where people make use of Java in order to gain knowledge about object oriented programming and fully understand it.

That, however, is a learning curve that could only be described as extremely steep and a painful learning process. Mobile applications could never be created successfully without mastery of the object oriented programming concepts on your part. There may be other programming languages, besides Java, that are increasingly being used to develop applications for mobile. Nevertheless, they are still similar to Java in the fact that the person who is developing the applications for mobile platforms should have object oriented programming skills in order to succeed.

If you want to succeed in mobile application development, it is important that you have skills in graphic design. An attractive front-end interface is also important for mobile applications. Do not think that coding is the end-all and be-all. Having very good graphic skills at this point would really come in handy. You may not be one of the most talented graphic design artists around, but if you have some knowledge about it, then you’re good. Mobile application development would be most likely to turn into an ordeal on your part if you do not have any graphic skills at all, not even if you have the necessary skills in object oriented programming.

Good object-oriented programming skills and good graphic design skills just lay the foundation for successful application development for mobile platforms. There are other skills that one needs, over and above the basic, essential object-oriented programming skills and the graphic design skills. Marketing skills, for instances, are highly important when it comes time for you to start selling the mobile applications you have developed. One may also need market intelligence gathering skills, so as to figure out what the market needs, in terms of mobile applications, and go ahead to develop applications that are aligned with the market needs. There is, however, no denying that most of these are not core technical skills needed for the actual development of the mobile applications. When we speak of core technical skills in developing applications for mobile platforms, we are referring more to the programming, graphic design and coding. And that is why we said that the basic essential skills you must have, in order to succeed in developing applications for mobile platforms are object oriented programming skills and graphic design skills.

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No Deposit Mobile Casino Bonuses – Enjoy While On The Go

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No deposit mobile casino bonuses are the most useful teaser to draw in brand new betting bettors. Several studies show that there is an increasing number of individuals that access the internet via their mobile devices. These folks resort to utilizing their devices when they are at the office, in a car, or perhaps in leisure areas. Because of this, several online gambling sites owners have started presenting mobile casino games applications which are compatible with numerous handheld  gadgets. There are numerous  bettors choosing to register  the no deposit mobile casinos for a choice to start actively playing and winning in no time. Nonetheless, they look for the mobile casino games that offer excellent bonuses that may maximize their winning potentials.

Internet gambling comes with wager requirements that gamblers need to meet just before they can withdraw their own earnings including no deposit mobile casino bonuses. All these terms and also guidelines protect the house from players who tend to sign up, claim their particular bonus, and also pull away instantly. No deposit mobile casinos allow individuals to have a great tour of the gaming on the go, so they can make money effortlessly.

Several mobile wagering websites tend to entitle gamblers to experience just a few games, so they can count toward the bet requirements. They may offer high-edge games for example scratch cards, keno and also slots. Although this might seem to restrict the gamers’ options on the mobile casino games to play, people still have a chance to browse around and find out the very best mobile gambling sites that offer far better perks. Generally, most mobile casinos discourage “bonus hunters” from registering, cashing out, and never playing from all of these games once again.

Even so, players may find out numerous features offered over these no deposit mobile casinos, so they opt to keep playing and also earning greater amounts. They also value the advantages they can gain from the no deposit mobile casino bonuses readily available.

Of all types of mobile casino bonuses provided to the bettors, the no deposit or sign up bonuses are the types liked by most new clients. Most of these bonuses enable people to start wagering on the go using the free house money just by signing up real cash bank account. There is no need to create virtually any deposit or even fund the account simply to get the house cash. Nonetheless, there are great rewards for those who make a deposit eventually including deposit bonus promotions.

Wager requirements are crucial for many types of bonus, particularly with no deposit mobile casino bonuses. These requirements guard the betting websites from being abused by the constantly free cash searching bonus hustlers. All no deposit mobile casinos try to avoid bankruptcy due to misuse, scams and also abuse simply by people. This way, more gamers may receive no deposit house free chips and other free spins or deals in the future.

People who wish to start playing these mobile casino games should first check important details about the conditions and terms applied by the house. Whether it’s a sign up bonus or a free spin deal, players need to try to analyse the bet requirements. They ought to recognize all the particulars stipulated within the guidelines, so they could avoid issues associated with signing up or playing games. Moreover, players can acquire good rewards from all these games whenever they understand what to expect from the no deposit mobile casino bonuses betting conditions and terms.

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