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The Perks Of Free Mobile Phones

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The Perks Of Free Mobile Phones

Even in the past years and until now, communication is very important. This helps families to stick together and for businesses to thrive more in their fields. Having a phone can help individuals with their safety and it can also enhance their productivity. Fortunately, the government has been generous with the less fortunate households. Wireless phones are given to them as part of the Lifeline Program. Only one gadget can be availed per household. This can help a lot during emergency cases and when you apply for a job.

How to be qualified for the project?

• Your household must meet with your state’s specific income requirements.

• Depending on the state, you may be required to present the following documentations:

o Retirement/ Pension statement of benefits

o Social security statement of benefits

o Tax return of the previous years

o Veterans administration proof of benefits

o Income statement from employer

o Documentation for divorce or child support

o Workman’s compensation

o Tribal notice of participation in General Assistance

o Documentation to prove that you are a participant in some of the government’s assistant programs.

• Medicaid

• Federal Housing

• Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

• Supplemental Security Income or SSI

• National School Lunch Program

• Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

• Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

• Refugee Assistance

• Disability Lifeline

• The sick and disabled can avail the free phone benefit. The providers understand that they also need the gadget for medical emergencies.

The government will provide a phone that comes with freebies:

• One year free contract

• 250 minutes worth of free call for every month

• No credit check

• No fees

• If you will go beyond the provided minutes, you will have to pay the excess at a minimum rate.

• You can extend for another year as long as you pass the needed requirements before your contract ends.

How to apply?

• You can go online and fill up the online application form.

• You can visit your preferred service provider and apply to them personally.

The free wireless phones that will be provided to the low income households are not the most advanced or expensive kinds in the market. Being granted with it is already an advantage since most families who will be receiving it can barely afford to have one. It comes with great befits which enables you to keep in touch with relatives, friends, and loved ones who live far from you. This is also useful when you are applying for a job. Your prospective employers can reach you anytime and anywhere. Also, when emergency arises, you don’t have to borrow the phone of your neighbor to call 911 for you already have your own to use.

The author writes for http://qlinkwireless.com/ which provides information regarding mobile phones. Q Link Wireless provides a free cell phone and free monthly minutes to qualified Lifeline participants.

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The First BlackBerry Handsets are the X10 and Z10

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The photographs of the BlackBerry 10 gadgets along with their features have been leaked those are X10 and Z10

At last the BlackBerry handsets have finally entered the market with BB10 and have come up with two next generation handsets those are X10 and Z10. Finally the Research in Motion the BlackBerry maker would go to launch dual handsets and would be exhibiting the novel software called the BB10. According to the news some shots have been leaked in which it is exhibited that how BlackBerry 10 functions along with both touch screen and keyboard. The first handset is the X10 and earlier that gadget was famous by the name of BlackBerry Nevada or the N series.

The gadget X10 would exhibit a customary BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard especially designed for the die-hard lovers who cannot give up its click keys. Here the X10 have discarded the track pad and its soft keys that reside at the top of the keyboard on the earlier handsets of BlackBerry and have created more space for bigger screen which was up till now polishes a Qwerty BlackBerry. In the leaked photographs the finished photos of the handset has not been exhibited but a somewhat dissimilar model have been shown towards developers for getting their apps prepared especially for BlackBerry 10.

However it provides a clear sign of RIM wishes towards going with respected physical keyboard along with the flexibility of a superb size touch screen. On the other hand the Z10 which was earlier known as the BlackBerry London or the L series. This gadget is a completely touch screen handset of 4.2 inches and 1280×768 pixel display. Within the mobile phones there is a dual core 1.5GHz OMAP 4470 processor along with the 16 GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. The gadget obtains the micro SIM card and the micro SD card. There is also a pretty decent 8 mega-pixel camera and might be the foremost designed for BlackBerry.

According to the news the BlackBerry 10 and two more handset would be arrived on 30 January in addition to this at least six novel handsets would be launched within this year. Let see whether the BB10 would bring back the fortunes of the company. The company has huge expectations from this handset or BB10 and the company experts have did their best in the promotion of this novel operating system so definitely the result would be good and positive. The operating system is quite delayed from the company side and it’s time for using the handset.

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Article Source: The First BlackBerry Handsets are the X10 and Z10



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Cell Phones: How They Have Grown Older?

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Cell phones have changed the way we live, and for any person a world without cellular telephone technology is not even imaginable. But all of the today’s advancement did not happen in merely a decade. Cell phones, like us have been developed over a long time.

Older telephones did not permit us to surf the Web or to go to online portal, watch films online, do online shopping and all. They even did not allow us to talk hassle readily. In this piece, we will take a look on the fascinating journey of cell phones, and how they became so smart. So here you go: Pre-standardization or ‘0G ‘ telephone services:

It can be said that it was a pre-standardization of cell phones, an age when cell phones were first built. AT&T was one of the first carriers to commercially exploit mobile phone in 1947. It was named as Mobile Telephone Service (MTS) for that time. It spread to more than hundred towns. Mobile phones had a half-duplex press-to-speak system where a user had to leave the button for listening and press for speaking. Telephones were also not compact. Later 1in 1965, the company introduced IMTS in The United States which grew to 40000 subscribers countrywide.

In 1960, world’s first totally automated mobile phone was introduced in Sweden. System allowed the use of a circular dialing knob for communication, which was fitted within a vehicle. It was named as MTA. In 1959, a company was born which is sometimes known as Motorola today, and Doctor. Martin Cooper, a researcher from the company, was the first individual to make a phone call from hand held mobile phone on April 3, 1973.

Analogue cellular networks or ‘1G’: It was the first generation of mobile networks and it is the model we use today. The 1st cellular network using multiple tower sites was developed in 1977 in Chicago. Developed by AT&T, it took 11 years to get FCC approval and more for going in the market. Another Asian firm NTT followed the trend and introduced similar network. It became the first of its kind to cover the entire country and modified its name to NMT in 1981. It spread extremely quickly in several other nations too , and was first to introduce world wandering.

Digital cellular network or ‘2G’: Later in 1990s, mobile devices became lighter and littler. GSM and CDMA standards were introduced in this age. SMS messaging happened, and first SMS got sent in 1992 in UK, thru a P. C.. After a year, first individual to person call was made in Finland using this network. Web surfing on mobile devices and downloading also were born in this age, and this technology is still in function.

Mobile broadband or ‘3G’: In 2001, NTT Docomo introduced 3G. Many nations followed the trend and soon it became widely adapted. Usage of this technology made things like Live TV and lightening fast online video streaming possible for mobile devices.

Native IP or ‘4G’: No official standard exist for 4G, still many handheld devices claim to support this technology and firms like LTE and Sprint also offer this technology. The major advancement is video streaming and Live Television, which is a lot quicker than 3G. Still because this standard is in a development phase, it does not even exist in some states like Australia.

Covering this engaging journey of cell phones in 700 words is not very easy. Still I have tried to cover each critical aspect of this revolution. I'm hoping you liked it. For many of users, this revolution is important, and for those who don't think that it is interesting, should switch to 2G networks and use them for watching YouTube videos. I suspect that can change their minds.

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Phone Cases: What’s Important And What’s Not

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iPhone 4 Mobile Case

Lately, with mobile phones being a bigger part of our everyday life, it’s a lot more crucial that you take good care of them. Think about this: a tiny powerhouse of a phone has your contacts, e-mails, paperwork, reminders, camera, maps and just about everything else! The loss of one, even if just for a couple of days, may be rather disruptive for you personally.

Luckily, there are several protector cases for just about all mobile phone today. A couple of phones particularly ought to get these protection cases, too. The apple iphone 4, for example, with glass over the front and back seemed to be specially prone to scratches, and it would have destroyed if it fell on the floor. An iPhone 4 case can help you avoid that.

After you shell out over $500 on a phone, it’s sensible to spend a few dollars to get a case to shield your investment. Nearly all cell phone cases, actually, aren’t very pricey. They’re also very robust and durable. You can search on the internet, or with a neighborhood shop. I would recommend shopping on the web, simply for the fact that it’s far more convenient.

Online shopping has some other incentives, as well. It is possible to, for instance, search through the product reviews to find the best iPhone 4 case, in case you have an iPhone. That is true of almost every other mobile phone as well. The internet provides you with the perfect platform not to only purchase something but also to review your choice. You get to weigh others’ thoughts before making a decision. You need to be a touch careful when finding your way through such reviews. Even though they may all look nice on the surface, you need to read more into it than what’s apparent. Does it sound extremely sugarcoated? Does there seem to be an effort to peddle you something? Although offering anything by itself isn’t lousy, it’s when it turns into the sole goal that it can be deemed a little bit deceptive.

In the end, it’s up to you to apply your judgement skills wisely. Lookup a few product reviews, look at all of your possibilities and decide the best case for iPhone 4 before you decide to actually pay the cash. Regardless of whether it needs time, it’s worth it. You aren’t spending just a few bucks there-you are making sure safety for a lot more expensive device and you can’t, in any case, be indifferent towards that. Spend some time, research before you buy and ensure you are making the correct choice. For more information about best mobile case for Iphone 4, follow the link.

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Unlocked – LG Spectrum WiFi GPS Android PDA 4G LTE Phone Verizon

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Phone Specifications for Unlocked – LG Spectrum WiFi GPS Android PDA 4G LTE Phone Verizon

Camera Connectivity DataDisplay GeneralInput Messaging 8.0 MPBluetoothA-GpsTouch ScreenRinger IDSide KeysEmail Camera FlashMobile HotspotEVDOVibrate Video CameraUSBLTE WifiTethering MultimediaOperating SystemScreenSoundStorage CardType Tv-OutAndroidCapacitive3.5 mm Headphone SlotMicroSDBar Camera FlashMobile HotspotEVDOHearing Aid CompatibleVibrateSlim Profile Video CameraUSBLTESpeakerphone WifiTetheringVoice-Activated Dialing

  • Works with Verizon
  • Phone is in Excellent condition
  • Includes a free wall charger and battery


Was $584.99  – Now $419.99

LG Spectrum WiFi GPS Android PDA 4G LTE Phone Verizon

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