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Get a weapon against boredom and have fun with the Mission Control free app

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Just a few days ago my girlfriend and I were planning a great date for our anniversary, we’ve been together for five years now and things are going great. We created a perfect scheduled and everything was going according to the plan; that day I did my homework early and just when I was about to leave my house to pick her up she texts me saying that she’ll need two more hours because some distant relatives came to visit her parents and she wasn’t comfortable leaving the house just like that; I have to confess that I felt a little frustrated about it but I rapidly focused on how to have a great time while waiting and luckily I found a great game that literally made time fly, this game is called Mission Control and it is a free app perfect to have a great time waiting without getting bored, I found it so entertaining that I decided to create an article about it for those fellows who like me have to wait hours and hours for their girls.

This app is available either on the App Store or Android Market for free; it is compatible with iPhone 3GS to 5, iPod Touch 3 to 5, and iPad 1, 2, 3, and mini. For Android devices it is required a multi-touch screen and 320 pixels minimum width; the application can work both on cellphones and tablets. Regardless of the device used to control it this app is very intuitive and easy to use, the graphics are pretty decent for a free game and it really makes honor to its name because the mission is to actually have control over a little spaceship that will sort all kinds of obstacles.

The main objective of the game is to drive a spaceship avoiding obstacles and collecting stars; the ship can be crashed only two times before landing because a third crash will destroy it. The game experience is very entertaining since each level brings a more challenging scenario with hidden stars and complicated maneuvers to perform in order to successfully complete the mission. There is a limited amount of fuel available to thrust the ship and once it is over the only choice is to land as safe as possible.

How to play the Mission Control game?

The whole game takes place in a 2-D scenario, in order to control the ship six buttons are used to help you move up, down, left, and right; the other two buttons are the thrust and the landing gear. In order to give you a better taste of the whole game I will include some images here and detailed information about each step required to have a great time.

When launching the app a screen will appear asking you to select either if you have or want to get something called peripheral device, in order to start playing select that you have one (more about this peripheral device later) and the main screen will appear.

  • Main screen: In this screen six options will appear and below I give you the details about each one.
    • Start game: Hit this button and you are ready to start the mission control game. After hitting this button you’ll be asked to calibrate the buttons on the screen, which is a good idea if you want to place the controls your own way, click affirmative to proceed to calibration or no to go straight to the game and select level.
    • How to: This is an excellent guide to learn how to control the spaceship, click on here to see as step by step tutorial about the controls.
    • High Score: Click here to see the highest scores for each level.
    • Calibrate: Tap this button to calibrate your peripheral device, which is an add-on that you can buy to use it as buttons, it is not required but it helps to have a different game experience.
    • More apps: Find more information about other great apps from apptoyz.
    • Products: Find more information about the peripheral device.
  • Controls: Once that you hit start game the controls are pretty easy to use, just press the “a” button to take off from the green launch pad and drive the ship through the space until the red landing pad, once that the ship is in position press “b” to activate the landing gear. Use the left and right buttons to move the ship in any direction. Be careful with walls and obstacles because if you have a lot of thrust the ship will crash. For a more detailed explanation click the how to button on the main screen.

Get your copy and enjoy the Mission Control free app now

This little game is very addictive once you start to use it, I really recommend it because it helped me to wait two long hours and have fun at the same time; as I mentioned the app is free and it does not hurt to give it a try and see what it can do for you. At the end of the day you will have an awesome little gadget right on the palm of your hands for you to have a great time.

Have fun!


About the author:

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano is a passionate fan of toys, gadgets, games, and entertaining apps; he enjoys sharing his experience with other people so that they can have a great time as well. Driven by this passion for gadgets Jose opened a website dedicated to RC flying toys, there he likes to write remote control helicopter reviews that help people to learn about these amazing toys. Jose has found that RC helicopter reviews are great ways to share advice, tips, and tricks with other hobbyists list him.

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iSound Twin Charging Dock for Apple iPhone 3G/3G S (DGIPOD-1500)

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The iSound Twin Charging Dock is the perfect solution for anyone with multiple iPhone or iPod models. Features dual charging stations, allowing you to conveniently power-up two separate Apple devices simultaneously. Simply place your iPhone or iPod into the docking area and enjoy the custom LED illumination while battery life is rapidly and safely replenished. Sports a high-quality, sturdy design ideal for placement on a desk or countertop.

Includes multiple docking brackets designed to hold your Apple devices securely in the dock while they charge. Compatible with most iPhone and iPod models equipped with a 30-pin dock connector.

  • Input: 5V/1A
  • Output: 5V/500mA


iSound Twin Charging Dock for Apple iPhone 3G/3G S
Compatible w/most iPhone & iPod models featuring a 30-pin dock connector
Charges two Apple devices simultaneously from any wall outlet
Sturdy design ideal for desk or countertop
Custom LED illumination
Includes 110/240V AC adapter
Input: 5V/1A
Output: 5V/500mA
Manufacturer Part No.: DGIPOD-1500
Device Dimensions: 8.5 (L) x 6.0 (W) x 2.0 (H) in.
iPhone, iPhone 3G/3G S, iPhone 4, iPhone 4 Verizon, iPhone 4S, iPod 3G, iPod Mini, iPod Nano (1st Gen), iPod Nano (2nd Gen), iPod Nano (3rd Gen), iPod Nano (4th Gen), iPod Nano (5th Gen), iPod Nano (6th Gen), iPod Photo 4G/U2, iPod Touch, iPod Touch (2nd Gen), iPod Touch 4, iPod Video/5G

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