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Rumours Of iPhone 6 Production Plans

Apple is preparing to begin on production for the iPhone 6 according to reports. Rumours have also circulated about the supposed release date in June of this year. Reports suggest that Apple is already undergoing trials for the next generation the iPhone after the release of the iPhone 5 in September of 2012. Apple is set to begin production of the device in March.

Other strongly believed rumours that the iPhone 6, believed to be named the iPhone 5S, will bear a 4.8-inch display screen. This is an increase to the particularly large iPhone 5 screen which displayed a four inch screen.

These rumours are also accompanied by newer rumours from China that the new iPhone will enter the ever growing ‘phablet market’ this year as Apple will create what is said to be a smartphone with the characteristics of a tablet. Industry experts have also suggested that the new device will be equipped with a super HD camera Near Field Communications technology to up the handset’s credentials as a digital wallet, improved battery life and a huge 128GB of storage. The seventh generation iPhone is said to be available in various new colour options including red, silver, slate, purple, green, blue, yellow and pink when released.

Some are naming it the iPhone 6 already however due to findings of a leaked image of the back of the new phone; it is more likely to be a slightly more advanced version of the iPhone 5. The design does differ but not greatly. This is set to be a slightly more developed iPhone 5 which should hold a faster processor and improved material in which is more resistant to scratches and other damages. These leaks also claimed that the device should be launched within the first half of 2013 and presumably the summer.

This may all sound like a bit of a rush as developments have not even begun yet however, it would be a tactical move as it would completely rival the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is also expected to land around that time. Even igniting rumours would cause fewer sales for Samsung.

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iPhone 6 Rumours

If you look around you, you’ll probably notice that every other person owns an iPhone, whether it’s the latest model, or an older iPhone 3, 4 or 4S. Apple has in many ways been the trend setter in the smartphone industry, and has shaped the phones that we see on the market today. However, with only one release per year, the American super-giant has an increased level of pressure to make each new iPhone even better than the last. With Samsung making a huge dent into Apple’s popularity, and with so many impressive Android smartphones hitting our shelves, Apple needs to pull it out of the bag with its 2013 release. So what can we expect to see?

Name: iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S?

The bulk of the rumours circulating around the next iPhone seem to lie in the name of the next Apple device.  Rather than releasing the iPhone 5 back in 2011, Apple instead chose to launch the iPhone 4S as an update from the iPhone 4.

Typically, an ‘S’ is added to the name of the existing model of iPhone when the changes between the devices are subtle and retained within the phone’s software, with no alterations to the body, design or features of the device.

However, when Apple fans wait for an entire year to get a glimpse of a new iPhone, it seems almost a let-down to get handed an exact replica of the last model, with just subtle software changes. That’s why I am hoping, almost rather than predicting, that Apple will listen to its fans and release the iPhone 6.


The iPhone rarely tends to falter far from the traditional curved edge design with its physical navigation button. However, the biggest rumour circulating about the iPhone 6’s design is that it will be released in a variety of colours, rather like the iPod. How likely this is to happen, though, is debatable. After all, the one thing that the iPhone represents is style and quality, and producing it in a rainbow of colours might detract from the phone’s original appeal.

Other speculations suggest that the iPhone 6 will continue to up the size of its screen, potentially up to a massive 4.8 inches, to mimic the Samsung Galaxy S3. The current iPhone 5 has a 4 inch screen, and this was an increase from the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4’s smaller 3.5 inch displays. However, a massive jump to a 4.8 inch screen might just be a step too far for Apple designers, especially as it will be perceived as a move simply to follow the large-screen trend. And after all, Apple sets the trends, it doesn’t follow them.

NFC chips

All mobile phone manufacturers seem to have the letters NFC on their lips at the moment. NFC (Near Field Communications) is largely designed to enable users to make payments electronically and safely from your phone, and is said to revolutionise the way we purchase either our weekly food shopping, or even our furniture and clothes. While there are rumours about Apple being in talks with an Australian security company over using fingerprint technology to make money transfers even safer, it would seem that Apple might be going that one step further.

According to reports, Apple is working on a grand scheme which will enable us to use our iPhones as an almost cash point. Essentially, the way that the application will work is by telling your iPhone that you need to get hold of, say, £20, because there is no sign of a cash point in the vicinity. Your iPhone will then tell you where the nearest iPhone user is, using GPS, who is prepared to sub you the £20 you need. Once this transaction has been made, the amount will be deducted from your iTunes account and will transfer to your trusty Samaritan’s account, along with a small fee from Apple. And ta-da; your iPhone becomes an instant cash dispensing device.

Wireless charging

Finally, a rumour which is likely to become reality regarding the iPhone 6 lies in wireless charging. We’ve seen Nokia do it with the Lumia range, and now news has leaked that Apple has filed a patent to create its own version. However, in true Apple style, the iPhone’s wireless charging device is rumoured to be bigger and better than Nokia’s own creation, with the iPhone wireless charger being able to charge a device from up to a metre away.


So there we have it; just a selection of some of the wild and wonderful rumours circulating the iPhone 6 (or iPhone 5S). With only one release per year, though, Apple knows that it can’t afford to make any mistakes, and a disappointing release which demonstrates few changes might prove disastrous for the American super-giant.

Author: David Khan

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IPhone 5 – The Latest Fad On The Mobile Phone Market

iPhone 4 is a wonderful bit of IT technological innovation. Unfortunately, it was launched during a period when mobile engineering marvels have become some thing of the common function, what with Samsung, Nokia and other rivals providing their own high quality mobile phones. That is why, the iPhone 4 just didn’t make this type of big splash in revenue. The the iPhone 5 should be announced for release in the near future.

The iPhone 5 has been said to be presented for sale by fall of the year, and is also appears to be unveiled in September of 2011.So, what exactly are people saying the iPhone 5 will probably be like when compared to the iPhone 4?There have been no shortage of gossips encompassing iphone fifth generation.Some assert it’s going to be a somewhat far better edition of the iPhone 4.

As outlined by Apple, the modern iPhone 5 will have full functionalities that you need to utilize it as the best cell phone.The most important alterations will come in the sort of A5 processor,8 mega-pixel camera and will also be a “world phone” capable. While the iPhone 4 has a excellent processor chip, A4 processor which works well for music,gaming andand communication purposes.

The iPhone 4 is 9.3 millimeters thick, which makes it the worlds slimmest cell phone ever. Some says the iPhone 5 will look a lot like its predecessor, yet more speculators state that one of the most anticipated iPhone 5 can look a lot like the “iPod” Touch 4th gen, except that it would begin from thick to thin, completely.In terms of display wed expect the iPhone 5 to include a curved 4-inch Retina Display helps it be distinctive from other cell phones.

With regards to Operating System apple iphone 4 is set up with iOS 4, the iPhone 5 will probably be using the new operating system iOS 5.As we know the iOS 5 is named as the best mobile os in forums as well as blogs. iOs 5 is claimed to generally be much better to make use of compared to the iOS 4, though learning how to make use of the latter is not as hard.In regards the camera quality,apple iphone 4 uses a 5mp camera, while iPhone 5 is rumored to generally be using an 8 megapixel camera, to generally be developed by Sony, one of the leading camera makers in the world.

Storage is a tricky one, Apples iCloud said, we wouldnt be amazed ifin the event that Apple upped the storage towards the 64GB mark about the iPhone 5, especially considering that countless Android handsets are now rocking around the 64GB mark with their combined internal and SD storage.So,iphone 5 can have a considerable storage for “iphone apps”.

On whether or not these gossips with regards toregarding features of iphone 5 will prove true. Only time will tell if their predictions about Apple’s next generation smartphone come true as well.

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IPhone 5 Are Ruling The Hearts Of Mobile Lovers

iPhone 5 might have a hard time managing the successes of iPhone 4. iPhone 4 had first reception trouble; having said that since then it continues to be providing extremely strongly as proved by the sales of Verizon and also AT&T, the 2 carriers right now featuring it. Click here for more details.

It really is expressed that a lot consideration has gone to the iPhone 5 design and style to bring about it really original. Among the many first gossips claims that iPhone 5 will take the shape of a superb teardrop, in that way which makes it the slimmest iPhone till date. It is in addition speculated that Apple will likely be exchanging the glass back that displayed in iPhone 4 with a more strong and also lasting aluminum instead.

A lot of the Android phones at the moment use of a dual core processor, and also it will be no wonder if Apple’s iPhone 5 follows suit. It really is rumored that Apple iPhone 5 is going to make use of a top quality A5 processor, exactly the same that is utilized in iPad 2. This very important improvement will probably guide the iPhone 5 for working on a a lot faster as well as broader range.

It is deemed that Apple iPhone 5 will likely be having an 8.0 megapixel camera which has a dual flash. This is absolutely an development to the better compared to the 5.0 mp camera had by iPhone 4. iPhone 5 can now tackle a large number of Android smartphones in terms of the camera attribute.

Another terrific element hoped for in iPhone 5 will likely be the iCloud. iCloud offers the end users the power to store their images, audio and also some other files in a personal cloud. This enables the phone’s memory capacity to be free for various other programs. It is believed that 5GB of cloud space would be given free for all the iPhone users, in fact it is attainable to acquire increased safe-keeping by shelling out an annual fee.

iOS 5 is another terrific characteristic offered by iPhone 5. iOS 5 is said to be predicted to be a radical os which will entirely change the iPhone. It’s going to feature Newsstand and iMessage and as well develop the system for notifications, therefore not disturbing you when you are active working on something with your mobile. It’s no wonder that people will relish these features. iOS 5, furthermore, also runs on the 3GS and even iPhone4 styles.

In addition to here’s essentially the most presumed things concerning iPhone 5 – it’s strongly rumored that iPhone 5 is a SIM-less unit. iPhone 5 is evidently constructed with various internal antennas. This could allow end users throughout the globe to utilize iPhone 5 in both the CDMA wireless or GSM network. Explore the new iPhone 6 expected features today.

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Apple’s IPhone 5 Release Rumors

Apple loyalists are able to now get back to the release date of the Apple iPhone 5 now that Apple’s next generation tablet is speculated for a feasible release next month. Countless sources are placing their bets that the next generation phone will definitely make its public debut this June. Many are already striving to guess exactly what the assumed price tag for the gadget.

The release date of the iPhone just recently stemmed from a news article posted by Digitimes. Digitimes declared that the big unveiling of the smartphone will likely be made at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference which will be held this June as indicated by the Chinese Commercial Times. Much of the rumors is thought to story after story to fuel enjoyment to Apple followers.

Presently, the release date of the iPhone is still not confirmed. That would mean that the rumor could be untrue leaving customers without much selection yet to hang around. Many of Apple’s smartphones have been discharged during the summer but the exception can be made by having the iPhone 4S, which made its debut later in October last year.

This might start a change in which Apple will certainly be trying its greatest shy away from preferred tech related events such as the CES and the Mobile World Congress. It is believed that Apple will certainly once again have an independent release just like what Cupertino when it unveiled the 4S last October. Apple could be announcing its own separate release of the iPhone sometime this year.

There is no word as to when the separate timetable will be but Apple followers are keeping its eyes and ears open for any sort of formal announcement. The release date might also position the smartphone on the same motorboat of its upcoming and widely discuss rival in the Samsung Galaxy 3. So far, news has been non existent for the next iPhone yet it will be interesting to watch just how it will fare from the S3.

John Sanders writes articles for a popular tech blog. Visit it now for more details on the Galaxy S3, iPhone 5 as well as on the iPhone 6.

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