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Listen To Music With The HTC Titan 2 Smartphone From LG

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From T-Mobile comes the Titan II, another Android smart phone its customers. Through the Android App Market, users are able to directly download multiple apps to enhance their mobile experience. Through the app market you will also find that there are many great music applications that will help you enjoy all of your favorite tracks. The top music applications that are available for the HTC Titan II include Pandora, Shazam, Rhapsody, doubleTwist and StreamFurious. With great applications and HTC accessories you will be able to fully enjoy all of the music listening features of this mobile device.

Pandora is a free music application that has been universally downloaded by many people over the Android application marketplace. This application is the mobile version of the radio internet service and can be obtained for free. Pandora allows anyone to create personal radio stations based on the music artists and songs that they like. To create a customized radio station, you must create an account on Pandora’s website. After the account has been created, enter all of your favorite musical artists and songs. Just log in to the newly created account on your HTC Titan II, and your personalized radio station will be available. With the Music Genome Project, this program is able to find similarities among the user’s favorite songs and artists. Be sure to always have some HTC Titan II accessories like a case or screen protector to keep your mobile phone fully protected.

Shazam is a free music application that’s available on the Android marketplace. Shazam is a basic music application, but is a must-have for any music enthusiast. If you hear a song on the radio that you like and do not know the name of it, then Shazam is perfect. With the simple push of a button, Shazam will analyze the song and then come up with all of the detailed information regarding that particular song. After the song is easily identified, Shazam provides you the option to instantly download the song to your phone. The song can easily be shared with all of your friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Rhapsody is another great free music app for the HTC Titan II. While the application itself is free, it does require a Rhapsody subscription for it to function. A Rhapsody subscription will cost $9.99 a month, but a free trial is available upon the downloading of the Rhapsody app. Users gain access to over 9 million songs from every type of genre out there. This is the most ideal application for anyone that spends over $10 a month on downloading music from different sources.

For just $.99 you can download a music program called DoubleTwist. There are many people who have their music on an iTunes account and that want to transfer songs to their phone. This feature can now work with the doubleTwist application. Even though this app is easy to use, it can take some time to transfer the necessary files to your phone if the music library you are transferring is a large file.

The final program we will discuss is called StreamFurious. StreamFurious plays the MP3 stored on the phone while running in the background. This will help lower the power and it will in the long run help preserve your battery. However, it is important to keep in mind that cell phone accessories play a major role in the whole music listening experience of any mobile device. Accessories for HTC Titan II such as the HTC Titan 2 Bluetooth headset and the HTC Titan 2 charger add additional features to your mobile phone.

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GPS Functions Of The HTC Titan 2

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This phone is the latest LTE 4G Windows Phone from HTC Company and this comes with great features and is compatible with different applications that can make your daily usage of phone really advantageous. One of the best benefits that people and especially travelers can take advantage of the HTC Titan 2 is using this mobile for giving directions especially to places where you have not been before through the GPS technology.

This mobile phone is among the newest mobile devices that provides an excellent feature of helping you out when you need to go to a certain destination which is new to you. This can help you get to your destination through the turn by turn directions offered by the useful application and with this you won’t panic when going to a such new place. This can alleviate your anxiety when you will have to go to a new place for a seminar or an appointment with a new client. For professionals or businessmen who travel a lot and visit many new places, this can be very useful.

There are different GPS or Global Positioning System applications that you can use for your device. However, before getting those applications, you first need to purchase a HTC Titan 2 case and a HTC Titan 2 screen protector to make sure that your smart phone is always protected from external factors that would cause the mobile phone to look scratched and dirty. These things can help your mobile look polished and brand new even after several months of using this phone.

For your mobile device, you can make use of the Bing Maps which you can utilize to find locations as well as display maps and also directions on its large screen. You will surely appreciate the images and maps because this phone has a display of 4.70 inches and comes with 199 ppi pixel density and 480 x 800 resolution. If you wish to use the GPS, then you just need to click the list of applications and click the settings menu and then tap the location and select the “ON” option. However, the Bing Maps cannot provide audible directions for every turn you need to do.

This device is using the NMEA 0183 protocol and with this, you will be able to make use of GPS applications that also supports this protocol. Here are among the top GPS or Global Positioning System apps for your smart phone. There are programs that come with free trial versions so that you can try it out first before purchasing the navigation software. The Sprint Navigation offers two-day trial period and you can download maps through an Internet connection.

A free GPS app that you can use for your smart phone is the Google Maps Mobile and Microsoft Live Search. These applications are free and you can download navigation data and maps through an active Internet Connection. For USA navigation, you can get the iNav iGuidance 4. For a certain place, there is a certain GPS program that you can really use terrifically and you need to research on these things to get the best. Make sure that you have HTC Titan 2 accessories to increase the advantage when using this phone.

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