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Auto Mobile Accessories And How They Increase Your Smartphone Functions

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Mobile phone has emerged as the best companion for a human being. The device has become part of life and is impossible for anyone to forget the phone behind. Presence of Samsung Galaxy Nexus will prove to be worth during long travel to kill the boredom and have a pleasant time pass.

If you are travelling in a car with your Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone, you should have in-car accessories that are aimed at improving the way you handle the phone in the car. Some of these Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories are car charger, car holder, Bluetooth headsets along with apps for voice recognition. When travelling on long journey your music is your company. You can choose to listen to the music from the car stereo or listen to your custom playlist from your Samsung Galaxy Nexus smart phone. Listening music right from your phone gives you the freedom of listening to whatever you enjoy to listen. The only consequence that you will face when you use the playlist from the phone is discharge of the battery at a relative speed. For this reason, you need a car charger, a charger that will be able to convert the cars energy into charge. When travelling, you do not have time to make stopovers and charge the phone. With a car charger, you are guaranteed to enjoy music from your smart phone throughout the journey without the stress of your phone’s battery running low.

To enjoy music from your Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smart Phone during the journey, you need to have an output device. Presence of Bluetooth headset will be helpful under such conditions. With this technological headset, you are able to enjoy high quality music on the go. The headset is cordless and connects to the phone via Bluetooth connectivity. Being cordless, it eliminates the inconveniences associated with corded headsets and there is hindrance to your movements. Another important feature of Bluetooth headset is the ability to answer all the calls without touching the phone. Coupled with the voice recognition app of the phone, you are able to make and receive your calls while your hands are still fixed to the steering wheel. Search feature increases the safety while you are driving the car.

The other most important car accessory that you need when travelling is the car holder, an accessory that is designed to hold the phone safely inside the car. When in the car, you do not want to have your phone inside the pocket, but you want it to be in a place you can easily see it. You can look forward for dashboard car holder or the windscreen holder that easily holds your phone and offers you extended protection while you are driving. You no longer have to worry about your smart phone as you the holder will offer great protection and increases the total life span of the smart phone. Many car holders and docks are designed in such that you don’t have to take off your Samsung Galaxy Nexus case for placing it in the holder.

These accessories are what protects your phone from unwanted accidents and takes good care of them. In addition to the aforementioned accessories for Nexus, you need other accessories like Samsung Galaxy Nexus screen protector, which will ensure that your smart phone’s screen remains new for a prolonged period. o a touch screen phone, the screen is highly prone to scratches and the screen protector takes up the scratches saving the screen.

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How A Cellular Device Camera Can Be Your Most Excellent Friend

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Technology is in its advanced phase and has provided the best device a human can have in their hand – a smart phone which has made a sea change in communication that fulfill every single need of a user. Recently, there has been a tremendous increase in the technology and has helped a human have the best applications installed on their phone that perfectly suits to ones requirement. Gadgets that fall under the category of communication is touted to be the best instrument that is currently available.

Necessity is leading to invention of various kinds of operating platforms for smart phones and mobile phones. In the market that is full of these innovative tools, Android operating system remains the best in the market. With Android phone accessories, be rest assured that you have the best technology in your hand.

Let’s talk about those photography freaks, who feel that they cannot do without a good camera that will give beautiful thrilling pictures to fulfill their desires. Application market for android platform has increased tremendously and now offers camera and picture applications that helps the user capture beautiful moments in day to day life. Now, let’s look at these amazing camera and picture taking apps in the Android store.

Firstly on the list, the HDR Camera+ is a camera replacement app that will rhyme superbly with your Android smart phone. With only $3.99, you are up for a spectacular bargain for an app that was thought to be of those professionals with big cameras. HDR Camera+ comes with features that you have been looking for. Create those beautiful pictures which you always wanted to click it by changing the settings and the number of options presented the application. With its image stabilizer, worrying about blurred pictures will be a past thing. It also allows super picture editing that will suit your taste.

360 Panorama is another app on line that you can look for to install in that starling smart gadget in your hand. Good images are past as you can now click masterpieces using your smart phone camera. 360 Panorama is the basic tool you need for a great experience. Stereographic projection is created by the application that enhances the quality of the picture. With its advanced features you can comfortably edit your photos and crop them as you desire. Making use of this application is as fun as using Android accessories with your device.

Next comes the paper camera application which is third in line. It is always good to have the best application installed on your smart phone that brings out images according to your taste. You can even click amazing scenery photos with your smart phone. With Paper Camera app, you will respect the fact that you have a smart phone and not just any other phone from the shop. After effects can be added to the picture from the advanced settings and features available under the editing category. You can also organize your photos into a super library that will give you a wonderful view.

Owning a smart phone is not an end by itself. You need that phone that will give you the best results, “just the way you need it”. With the above facts on the ground, it becomes imperative for individuals to own the best among the best smart phones and equip it with ultimate maximum applications that will meet all your needs. A different camera and picture taking applications available, it only takes a few amounts of money to install it on your phone. Performance and experience can be increased by using the right kind of android mobile accessories. Cell phone accessories for Google Nexus and protective accessories for Galaxy Nexus such as Stylish Galaxy Nexus covers will help preserve the existence of your smart phone.

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New Galaxy Nexus Finally Out

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After so much argument, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has actually finally landed. So much speculation has actually ceased as customers can now receive their first hand on among the Galaxy lines Samsung has actually unveiled this many years. The phone may have grabbed the spotlight to be one Samsung’s premiere phones yet let’s endure it. The tool is looked for after for its brand brand-new mobile platform from Google: the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

A lot of individuals are wondering if it is worth purchasing the gadget and as far as users who have actually toyed with it, the gadget is obtaining a warm reception. Looking at the Galaxy Nexus, you will notice that by having the screen off, it will just look like a device that by having a smooth black surface. The only thing that is sticking out is its earphone jack as well as a front camera.

A blinking light can be viewed at the bottom of the screen display. The light will definitely begin to pulse when your phone receives messages, failed to see calls and e-mail. This is really great thing because people usually tend to flick the screen on to check on messages. You will not see any bodily buttons as Samsung tries to incorporate an exceptional flat as well as slim look.
A Nexus review will certainly inform you that the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 is doing the greatest it can easily to eliminate being integrated in tools that features physical buttons. Although Google may have actually made this announcement, the construction of the gadgets will certainly still completely be up to the manufacturer.

The equipment of the device is similarly remarkable as it is equipped with a one point 2 gigahertz of dual core processor thanks to the TI OMAP 4460 chipset in addition to the PowerVR SGX540 GPU. This is particularly odd since the same chipset (only this one is a little greater) is discovered in its predecessor in the Nexus S. It is even packed by having a one gigabyte RAM as well as it comes into two versions: one with an internal storage space of 16 gigabytes as well as the additional by having a spacious thirty gigabytes of room.

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