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Cell Phone Unlocking Bill Passed by Congress However it seen as mostly symbolic.

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Cell Phone Unlocking Bill Passed by Congress However it seen as mostly symbolic.


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This is one of the most popular causes, over the past years, yet every time it was seen as being passed, it would be revoked and the hold procedure would start again. So on 30 Jul 2014 Congress Passed a Cell-Phone Unlocking Bill.

What this means that the individual can have there cell phone unlocked, but as many of us read more into the bill , in practical this bill will not effect most people


There is already a agreed voluntary unlocking policy by many of the top cell phone carriers, this new law will come into affect when new rules are draw up by the Copyright Office, this will not happen until 2015. Even this bill is seen by supporters of unlocking phones understand, it not what they where looking for, but it is still a big step forward for consumer rights, also the bill is very important symbolical and is the start more important reforms to the laws of copyright.



Cell Phone Unlocking What Is?


It all comes down to phone you buy , and in many cases that phone is lock with network provider of the cell phone in your hand , which means customer are stuck with that provider prices for given time period. Unlocking a cell phone opens up the customer to choice the cheapest price on the market, with out need to buy another phone.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act says it is illegal to circumvent a “technological measure” to access a copyrighted work. Copyright Office grants exemptions to this rule, every 3 years. This exemptions where only for those who had completed they contract with there cell phone provider, which the customer to have there hone unlocked, yet the Copyright Office did not renew any exemption in 2012 , which in turn, meant it was illegal to unlock a cell phone from 2012 to 2015


It was not until more than 114,00 sign petition was sent to white house , that things started to change , even the white house felt if a customer bought a cell phone , the customer should have the right to use cell phone however they wanted to and that cell phone unlocking should not been seen as criminal act .

So the race was on from lawmakers for and against cell-phone unlocking, to bring there own bills on the legalize cell phone unlocking


One such bill from Zoe Lofgren, California Democrat was passed, to make unlock cell phones permanently legal.

Temporary Fix

The 2014 bill is only to overturn the Copyright Office’s 2012 ruling and the review will continue to be reviewed over the next years. This bill will not be able to stopping Copyright Office from reinstating the ban.


Phones Already Unlock

At present all cell phone carriers do have a code of conduct, which promise their customer phone can be unlocked after the contract has expired, also carriers agreed that prepaid phones could also be unlocked after one year. This only happen when, Tom Wheeler (Federal Communications Commission Chairman) warned cell-phone carriers that he would consider enacting new regulations unless the companies adopted an unlocking policy.


Switch between Carriers could be difficult

Even if unlocking cell phones become legal, there still a problem when it come to switching between carriers and that is the technology which incorporated in to the phones by the cell phone carriers. For example AT&T is not compatible with sprint, which if a customer has to buy a new cell phone.

But supporters see the advancement in technology means, that argument will not be an obstacle to the bill and that all new phones will be able work on all networks.


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A Rookie Tips to Cell phone Unlocking

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A Rookie Tips to Cell phone Unlocking

Cell phone unlocking current fad with cell phones? today , and  it lets you, the  owner of your cell phone, to  get rid of your  service provider and take advantage of all those other company you would like to use  and it’s actually totally legal.
Over the years  you have purchased many cell phones , you only have look in that draw !! , to see just how many phone have purchased . And not talk about how much money you spent due to the fact that your service contract ran out , also you were never satisfied with them. The time that you stick with the very same company nonetheless changed service plans? If you choose to calculated the combined expense of your cell phones it would have the ability to make you mad.

Cell phone unlocking more or less works like this:Unlocked GMS Cell Phones

All cell phone possesses a “serial number”, known as with mobile phone   industry as an IMEI,  that typically connects a phone to a certain service together with the phone with the subscriber (you being the subscriber along with your once a month repayments are forward to the service.) Located inside the majority of phones you’ll find is a detachable card referred to a SIM (Subscriber Information Module), which happens to be the completely removable medium connecting phone as well as user and of course the phone in addition to provider. A large number of cell phone providers place a LOCK on the SIM which en turn means you can only use their service and no one else.

Is these that actually appears reasonable whenever you used your own personal hard earned money to obtain the cell phone?

By having your cell phone unlocked, besides the fact that you obtain the chance to choose no matter what service provider you desire, nevertheless you reduce roaming expenditure completely And boost the resale price tag of your phone. Provided that the unlocking procedure is carried out effectively, no danger ought to come to you smartphone and also you service should go on uninterrupted.

Without a doubt,in case you have a service contract with a certain provider, you certainly will still need to go with its terms and conditions, along with any maintenance and repair charges and the like regarding the remainder.

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