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Some Useful Tips About Cell Phones As Time Management Tools

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Many cell phones allow you to set an alarm or a reminder at a certain time or date. Even if you don't own the newest smartphone that comes with complete time allocation applications, it is actually possible to make use of your cell phone as a resource allocation tool. You can use the following tips with almost any telephone; the sole features it must support are alarms and reminders.

You could use your cell phone alarms and reminders to:

Remember birthdays

If your cell phone is recent enough to come with a basic calendar, you need to use it as a reminder of your buddies ‘ birthday. If you've always been horrid with dates, it's not difficult to set up an alarm to warn you one day ahead of the birthday. You can set the event to be re-occurring each year, so you don't have to bother setting it up again for the following year.

Ensure you do not miss an important cut-off point

If you live a hectic life and begin to question how you are going to remember a very important meeting, or if you have an appointment or cut off point you are predisposed to miss, set up an alarm on your cell phone to remind you about your appointment a few hours before it happens.

Take a medication

Recalling to take a medicine every day can be difficult, especially if you are an active person. If you are never home at the same time at night and infrequently sleeping all morning, it can be easily forgotten. Simply set up an alarm on your cell phone to remind you to take your medication (and it's particularly handy if you carry your medicine with you).

Know when you are available

You're receiving social invites right and left and can not seem to figure out when you're available? Simply mark all your events in the calendar on your cell phone. You’ll see straight away if you are available when anyone invites you to an event.

Organise your day

Respect your time budget during the day by setting alarms on your cell phone to alert you to different time periods. Never miss a break again!

Have an alarm clock anywhere

Whether you are traveling all alone and napping off at the airport, are afraid the (sometimes complicated) hotel room alarm clock does not fire off, or are having a lunch sleep at work, your cell phone alarm clock is frequently forgotten and may be employed just as that – an alarm clock.

Cell phones come with basic resource management tools that are sometimes overlooked because of their simplicity. If you learn how to exploit these features, you can have a resource allocation tool with you at all times.

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