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Cheap Blackberry Phones – Get Sony PS3 as a free gift through Orange

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Blackberry phones are one of the highly featured smart phones available in UK market. Cheap Blackberry phones are offered through several mobile phone deals by all the leading networks including Vodafone, t-mobile, Three, Orange and O2.

Blackberry is one of the leading brands in UK market that is offering tough competition to other mobile phone brands. Blackberry phones are provided by the Canadian brand RIM (Research in Motion) that are highly featured and getting maximum popularity among the mobile phone lovers. Previously, it was a misconception that Blackberry phones are made only for business users and equipped with business featured but now it’s cleared that these phones provide you full entertainment as they are featured with all multimedia features. Blackberry phones are the real smart phones and most sought among UK after Apple. Cheap blackberry phones are provided to the users through several mobile phone deals with lucrative gifts.

Blackberry phones are equipped with some common features including QWERTY keypads, Optical track pad and touch sensitive controls. The best features are available in Blackberry phones. These are not just phones, they are gadgets. These gadgets are equipped with all the multimedia features including touch screens, Camera, music player, Internet access and Game consoles that provide full entertainment to the users. Latest blackberry phones that are famous among UK include Blackberry Torch, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Bold, Blackberry Storm and Blackberry Pearl.

Cheap Blackberry gadgets are famous among users for its variety of features; all class of users can afford them easily. That’s why blackberry phones are getting maximum popularity and sales. QWERTY keypad available in Blackberry phones is much better than the alphanumeric one and also it allows you to send emails and texts easily. You can access Internet very easily with this QWERTY keypad. All Blackberry phones are equipped with document editor that provides you to complete your official tasks from your homes. Blackberry phones allow you to play and download games over internet.

You can obtain Cheap Blackberry Phones through several mobile phone deals including contract deals, Sim free and Pay as you go deals. These deals are really cheap and offer you best plans with the mobile phones. You can even get these blackberry phones at free through contract deals as a free gift. These deals provide you lucrative plans and free incentives like free minutes, free texts and free data usage as well. You can go for the contract deals to get the cheap blackberry phones on your favorite networks with maximum benefits. Vodafone and Orange are offering best plans with blackberry phones and providing free gifts like Sony PS3, HP laptops, MP3, iPods and many more.

Article Source: Cheap Blackberry Phones – Get Sony PS3 as a free gift through Orange

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The First BlackBerry Handsets are the X10 and Z10

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The photographs of the BlackBerry 10 gadgets along with their features have been leaked those are X10 and Z10

At last the BlackBerry handsets have finally entered the market with BB10 and have come up with two next generation handsets those are X10 and Z10. Finally the Research in Motion the BlackBerry maker would go to launch dual handsets and would be exhibiting the novel software called the BB10. According to the news some shots have been leaked in which it is exhibited that how BlackBerry 10 functions along with both touch screen and keyboard. The first handset is the X10 and earlier that gadget was famous by the name of BlackBerry Nevada or the N series.

The gadget X10 would exhibit a customary BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard especially designed for the die-hard lovers who cannot give up its click keys. Here the X10 have discarded the track pad and its soft keys that reside at the top of the keyboard on the earlier handsets of BlackBerry and have created more space for bigger screen which was up till now polishes a Qwerty BlackBerry. In the leaked photographs the finished photos of the handset has not been exhibited but a somewhat dissimilar model have been shown towards developers for getting their apps prepared especially for BlackBerry 10.

However it provides a clear sign of RIM wishes towards going with respected physical keyboard along with the flexibility of a superb size touch screen. On the other hand the Z10 which was earlier known as the BlackBerry London or the L series. This gadget is a completely touch screen handset of 4.2 inches and 1280×768 pixel display. Within the mobile phones there is a dual core 1.5GHz OMAP 4470 processor along with the 16 GB of storage and 2GB of RAM. The gadget obtains the micro SIM card and the micro SD card. There is also a pretty decent 8 mega-pixel camera and might be the foremost designed for BlackBerry.

According to the news the BlackBerry 10 and two more handset would be arrived on 30 January in addition to this at least six novel handsets would be launched within this year. Let see whether the BB10 would bring back the fortunes of the company. The company has huge expectations from this handset or BB10 and the company experts have did their best in the promotion of this novel operating system so definitely the result would be good and positive. The operating system is quite delayed from the company side and it’s time for using the handset.

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Article Source: The First BlackBerry Handsets are the X10 and Z10



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Low Priced Blackberry 7510 Color PDA Phone Under $30

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Blackberry 7510 Color PDA Phone for Nextel

Blackberry 7510 Color PDA Phone for Nextel

The BlackBerry 7510 sports a smaller form factor than previous The original BlackBerry to come with a speakerphone, this classic 7510 is a workhorse. With a backlit QWERTY keyboard, easy BlackBerry Server e-mail integration, simple attachment viewing, and a WML/HTML browser, this phone is ready to take you wherever you need to go. Featuring long range digital walkie-talkie capacity, easy text messaging, polyphonic ringtones, games, and up to 75 hours of standby time, this phone keeps working as long as you need to. Please note that this classic BlackBerry does not have a camera. Phone Specifications ConnectivityDataDisplayGeneralInputMessagingOperating System PC SyncWAPColorAlarmPredictive TextEmailBlackberry OS USBCalculatorQWERTY KeyboardText MessagingJava Enabled CalendarSide Keys Polyphonic Ringtones To-do List Vibrate Voice Memo SmartphoneSoundTechnologyType PDA2.5 mm Headphone SlotIDENSmartphone (PDA Phone) USBHands Free SlotCalculator Push-to-TalkCalendar SpeakerphonePolyphonic Ringtones

  • Works with Nextel
  • Phone is in Good condition
  • Includes a free wall charger and battery


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What Capabilities Make The Blackberry Bold Touch A Superior Telephone ?

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The Blackberry Bold Touch is an incredible phone. If you haven't bought this telephone yet and are thinking to get one, then you would wish to know why this telephone trumps the other similar phones in the market. Here under I will explain and highlight the key features of this phone. Based mostly on this, you might be able to decide if this is the telephone that suits you.

The blackberry Bold Touch has a Liquid Graphic Screen. This permits you to pinch, swipe and zoom on the touch sensitive screen. A 1.2 GHz processor mixed with a 24 bit display allows you to see liquid animations and a virtually example reply time.

The Blackberry bold is lightweight telephone but it's not less sturdy. That is due to the chrome steel frame and a composite back case. The Blackberry Bold 9900 and the Blackberry 9930 are the fastest phones ever made in their segment. At home, airfield or the cafe, where ever you are you can connect your phone to the Wi-Fi hotspots, if they're available.

A Mobile phone without a camera isn't considered to be a phone any longer. There for this phone includes a 5 MP camera and a 720p HD video recording capability. The Blackberry 7 is the newest Blackberry OS, that is fully packed with innovative applications and latest features. If you want to connect to other NFC enabled devices then you can try that with the incorporated Near Field Communication1.

The Blackberry Bold is a world telephone. It supports both the CDMA and GSM networks. So it is ideal for companies whose employees work internationally. The battery life-span is phenomenal. It has got more standby time than the Iphone and the Android phones. Unlike these 2 phones, the BlackBerry keeps working, even after 2 days.

All in all, the Blackberry has the newest features and is unique in the way that it has got a keyboard and touch-sensitive screen. It allows you to Tweet and connect to your Facebook fans. If you cannot reach them immediately you can send them an email. After reading this article you must now be well placed to understand what the key features are of this phone.

Blackberry phones are sometimes considered to be the better phones in their segment. The blackberry 9900 is the most up to date in the series.

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