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Meet Tiny Troopers 2 and discovery why you want to play this game

Tiny Troopers 2

Tiny Troopers 2

I am a huge fan of simple games and apps that can really deliver in terms of fun and entertainment, and believe it or not one of my weekly tasks is to spend some time looking for good games to review them and then share my thoughts with you. One of the apps that I found recently is called Tiny Troopers 2; this amazing game has all the elements that a gamer like me would like to have on an app. The gameplay is very dynamic and the graphics as well as the overall design of the app is done with attention to the details. This is why Tiny Troopers 2 can help you to have a great time if that is what you are looking for and on this post I want to give you the details about why you must get this game right after reading this article.

I really don’t like those games where soldiers must accomplish missions and get rewards for it since I find them slow because they require a lot of strategy. On the other hand, Tiny Troopers 2 brings a fresh and dynamic enough gameplay to keep me motivated and think well my moves at the same time. As you move through the game you will have to accomplish different missions, each level will require different things to pass it and the game gets pretty interesting once you start moving forward. Each mission is different and the level of difficulty will vary, some levels will require you to accomplish more than one mission and you will have to be ready for that.

The scenarios are perfectly designed as well as the characters. As you move through the game you will require upgrading your team and equipment, and this will require some of the rewards that you claim when you complete a level. The game experience is awesome as it combines dynamic and interesting combats with a little bit of fun because of the voices and comments of your soldiers. Those two elements are perfectly mixed so that you can enjoy an amazing game that is totally optimized for kids as well.

Learn the key features that make Tiny Troopers 2 a fantastic app

The list of special features of this game is huge, but here I want to give you more information on those that in my opinion are the key elements that make this a wonderful app.

  • Tiny Troopers 2

    Tiny Troopers 2

    Fun: Tiny Troopers 2 is a lot of fun and entertainment. This amazing app does this by combining the action of the war with interesting scenarios that will require you to lay down a strategy to bring down the enemies and accomplish your mission.

  • Graphics: Attention to the details is what I can say about this. The graphics of the game are fantastic and the developers really worked each detail with the intention of building awesome characters, interesting scenarios, wonderful game experience, all this in order to convey an amazing feeling to the end user.
  • Characters: One of the main things that you can notice while playing the game is that the characters are pretty unique, this adds a lot to the game, since each soldier moves independently from the others and this helps to create a more realistic sensation. The characters will say some dialogs as you move on the field and this as well adds originality and fun to this app.
  • Missions: Each level has very particular elements that make it different; some will be on foot while others will be on a vehicle. This is precisely what makes them pretty interesting and entertaining. You can be sure that Tiny Troopers 2 will meet and exceed your expectations in all aspects.
  • Game Experience: The result of combining all these features is an amazing game that makes you feel like being on the field of combat. The game experience is very realistic as all the elements for this are present. You will enjoy this game for hours and hours without even noticing it.

Chillingo is the publishing company behind this great hit; they did it again by putting together a combination of elements perfect for delivering fun and entertainment. The game gets even better with the available upgrades for your team and equipment, and you will reach a certain point where this will be necessary or you won’t be able to pass on to the next level. These upgrades can be either purchased with your credit card or earned as you move through the game, and the key to really succeed will be how well you manage your team and resources in order to stay alive.

Discover Tiny Troopers 2 today and get ready for the action

They say that the key for success is action and right now I would say it is a perfect moment for you to start thinking about Tiny Troopers 2 as a potential game for you to try. This free app is only available for iOS devices and it is rated with 4.5 out of 5 stars. There is an add that says that the app will be free only for a limited time, and I would love to know that you took advantage of this offer and got your free copy of Tiny Troopers 2.

What do you think about Tiny Troopers 2? Do you already have it? What is what you like the most about this game? Let us know your opinion and leave a comment please.

Have fun!


About the author:

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano is a lover of games. He enjoys having fun with apps and gadgets for later share his experience with other people. Another passion that Jose enjoys is flying RC toys, these fantastic devices are great to have fun with and relieve some stress at the same time. Some of the toys that Jose really enjoys are the E flite Blade CX2 and the Eflite mQX quadcopter. These amazing toys are perfect for anyone looking to have a great time.

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A cool app controlled gadget – The detailed guide through appCopter app



The appCopter is one of the most reliable flying gadgets available on the market; this little app-controlled helicopter is designed to provide great amounts of fun to anyone who is willing to give it a try. Among the advantages of owning an iOS/Android controlled device are that it does not require batteries and since the remote control is a mobile device the price of the toy really goes down, besides the app is free to download. This free app is perfect for anyone that wants to start with RC helis and my recommendation for you is to keep reading and discover all the great things that this app has to offer.

App controlled devices are becoming trendier, the reasons for this are many, but the main ones are that these toys are manufactured with pretty high quality standards as other famous RC helicopters, and since they are controlled from a mobile device the prices are even better. The fact that these toys can be used practically anywhere also makes them very unique, because believe it or not most users play with them at the office, the library, and wherever they can find themselves threatened by a boring situation. The appCopter app includes a motion control feature, meaning that you can control the toy using the mobile device as the flight control itself. This characteristic is one of the reasons for these toys to be more and more popular each day.

We are just about to discover everything about the appCopter app and since this will turn to be a real flight the first step is to fasten your seat belt.

3… 2… 1… Lift off – The details that you want to know about the appCopter app

As I mentioned before this app is free to download and you really don’t need to have the appCopter heli to use it, so you can download the app right now and follow each detail with me. If you already have the app installed and the appCopter ready to fly remember to first plug the apptoyz peripheral into your smartphone or mobile device and switch to airplane mode.

  • Two control modes: Just right after launching the app a screen with two control choices will appear, here you can select either motion controls or D-Pad controls.
    • Motion Controls: By selecting this option a calibration screen will appear asking to place both of your thumbs on the screen so the calibration starts. Here it is important to hold your mobile device as horizontal as possible because that is going to be the set point for horizontal calibration. A good tip is to place it on a table and thus perform the calibration.
      • Motion control flight screen: This is one of the places where you’ll be most of the time; the motion control flight screen is divided in two sections. The left section shows a cockpit control where the flight orientation of the helicopter can be controlled, it will respond to how you move the mobile device and that is how the helicopter will go left/right, and forward/backward. The right side of the screen is the throttle, which will control the up/down movement of the device.
    • D-Pad controls: This is the way to go if you want to control the left/right and forth/back movements using buttons. Once this button is clicked the D-Pad flight screen will appear right away.
      • D-Pad flight screen: This screen is also divided in two sections, the left side is the D-Pad where you can control the movement of the helicopter in all directions, and the right side will control the throttle level.
    • H: This button is available inside both motion and D-Pad flight screens; it is located at the top left corner and when touching it will take you back to the flight control selection screen.
    • Switch screen: It is located to the right side of the H button and it is also available in both flight control screens, and when it goes on the throttle will go to the left and the direction control section will go to the right.
    • Switch flight control type: Right next to the switch screen button is located a feature to switch from motion to D-Pad mode and vice versa.
    • Trim: Just below the last three buttons it is located the trimmer control. This feature is very handy and will help to counter act the effect of an RC helicopter that tends to spin in one direction without you moving anything. This is a normal condition of these toys. If the heli spins by itself to the right side then tap the left trim button to counter act this effect, do the same for the opposite direction if that is how you see the issue.
    • Record and play: This app will allow you to record a specific patter followed by the appCopter, then you can tap the play button and watch the appCopter repeat whatever was recorded inside the memory.
  • Settings screen: Some options can be configured here: the sound, the channel to control the toy, and tilt control sensitivity.
  • Share this: Use it to share that you are controlling toys using a smartphone or mobile device.
  • Help screen: A pretty helpful guide with seven steps that will help you to enjoy even more this toy.
  • Video button: Tap it to see a great video with more apptoyz products.
  • Apptoyz: Find more apps from apptoyz.

By now you already have a good idea of what this gadget can do, it definitely will serve to those who are newbies or don’t know anything about RC helicopters, this device is designed to provide lots of fun, so it is a great idea to get your own and start enjoying this wonderful gadget, in the end the only real risk is to love it more.

What do you think about the appCopter? Did you download this app already? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment.

To your flight success!


About the author:

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano is a gadgets lover and a passionate aficionado of RC helis, he started with this hobby last year and right now he enjoys sharing his experience as a pilot. Recently Jose started to experiment more with these toys and found that a small RC helicopter camera can be attached to them and enjoy even more the ride. An outdoor RC helicopter is better for this purpose since they are big and strong. On the other hand these app-controlled devices also offer a whole new experience for anyone.

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Interesting Business Applications Of A Cellphone

Due to the high quality of its features; Google’s Nexus 7 which is a 7 inch tablet is becoming really popular. The device is using the Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and the fast quad core processor for running its systems. The mentioned operating system is being used for the first time in such a device.

Anyone can use the Nexus 7, it is so user friendly. You can play games, stay connected, listen to e-books, browse internet, download files, perform business operations and carry out documents editing. These are just a few tasks to name and it has the capability to carry out more. So, answering the question, there are many apps that are designed especially to run a small business right from the tablet. The apps market is recently seeing an amazing growth for business related apps as the demand is increasing by the day. It has become easy for a person to be in touch with their respective colleagues to perform operations of a business. Communication apps, commerce apps, security apps and productivity apps are the few categories present that actually concentrate on running a business right from the tablet.

Documents are commonly read, prepared and edited. Presence of Google docs makes it easy for you to send a file, receive or prepare one wherever you are.All one needs to operate this app is a Wi-Fi connection which will enable you to get in touch with others and share these files. A better understanding will be obtained when you visit Nexus 7 apps forum. The forum discusses in detail about various applications that are present in the marketplace and how well they are suitable for a business. You can also get in touch with other members of the forum to have a conversation, clear doubts and share your thoughts.

Google reader is a full-fledged application that allows you to have updates of news, favorite websites, blogs and finance related websites in a single place. Browsing through multiple feeds is also enable through this app. You can even sync the tablet version to a full-fledged web version to keep all your data synchronized. If you are having trouble in getting used to the application, then just visit Nexus 7 help forum. You can leave all your queries and members of the forum will surely get back to you with the right answer.
Google search, package tracker pro, Barcode scanner, Expense Manager and Google Translate are few other apps that you can look forward to. With these apps you can be connected to your business whenever you want. The expenses of the business, location of the consignment can be followed up through the device anytime and from anywhere. With Nexus 7 community forum present, you can always clear your doubts about an application that can be installed on the tablet. As the forum is an interactive one and other members are communicating as well, getting you problem through and understanding you device better is not going to be an issue. Make sure to download all the important apps on your tablet that lets you run your business without location boundaries. To get the latest news on your tablet, visit Nexus 7 forum or check out Nexus 7 games forum to see what games will be suitable for the tablet.

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Change Your Check-in Line With An App Like Check In Easy Or Zkipster

Should you be willing to start running a guest list app, there are a few essential things you need to understand before you start. Just follow these five techniques for guest list app success.

1. A important aspect when preparing for to work with an ipad or guest list app is being sure that you’re feeling one hundred percent secure uploading your list to that organization’s servers. The reason why this is significant is simply because your contacts are your gold and most critical asset. Give that to the unsuitable provider or person and you may be in serious trouble. If you do not feel at ease with a firm, then you risk compromising your business and potential clients.

2. Another critical consideration for guest list app results is the location in which you obtain your app from.  It’s critical which you purchase from a business in your country simply because support is an important piece of service and you also want to be in the position to get to the corporation’s support staff if a predicament should come up. Phone dialing overseas is a massive pain. If you make certain that you get a domestic business, you’ll be fine.

3. It’s not necessary to be a expert or apple expert in order to use a guest list app. All that you should do is refer to the manual on the site thoroughly, and be sure that you have practiced using the software and app.

4. Instead of complicating you guest list app efforts by trying to upload every single bit of facts you’ve got on your probable attendees, test it in this way: Just put simple headers, such as first name, last name, email address and number of guests. You will find that is perhaps all the knowledge you will need for your event and this will make uploading your list easier.

5. Have you thought about using a couple of ipads or iphones to check in guests? It’s not as hard as you might think. What you should do is find a colleague with another iphone or ipad and set up the event using both devices. This will likely trim your check-in time in half.

If you actually want to try a guest list app, remember these instructions to ensure your event check-in goes very quickly.

For more information, check out venue wize or this one: zkipster.

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