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The Best Camera Phones in 2013

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The Best Camera Phones in 2013

Phones have come a long way from when they were first introduced to the market. With their ever changing features, they are becoming an increasingly large part of our everyday lives. The camera however could be seen as the staple to any good phone, providing you with images that you can send and upload to various different social media channels. If you’re a fan of tech websites like http://visopix.com/, you will know that bad quality photos are a thing of the past thanks to the invention of the Smartphone. So which phones actually do the best job at capturing life’s precious moments?

Nokia 808 PureView

 Nokia 808 PureView


This model has plenty to offer when it comes to camera quality. The camera provides more detail, colour and depth to your images thanks to its 41MP sensor while satisfying your need for HD videos in unbelievably clear sound.

Sony Xperia T

 Sony Xperia T

his smartphone boasts a 13 megapixel camera and a resolution higher that most competing camera phones for 2013. You will be able to take photos from the locked screen position in a second due to the design of the fast capture button. The 16x digital zoom also helps you to catch the right image while the Sony Exmor R mobile image sensor captures photos brilliantly in low light environments.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2

 Samsung Galaxy Note 2

fering an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p High Definition video record, this smartphone is sure competing on the camera front. The camera features a BSI sensor, an LED flash and autofocus to name but a few. Another cool feature is its ‘Best Group Pose’ snapping up a selection of photos to get the perfect group photo based on its face detection tools. It’s the type of editing that is rare to find on a smartphone, and is a vast improvement on the ‘Best Photo’ feature we have seen before from the Samsung Galaxy S3.


Apple iPhone 5


Apple iPhone 5


We already seen great things from Apple when it comes to their iPhone cameras but it is the iPhone 5 that has really stepped it up a gear this time. It is now possible to capture images 40% faster, and the video filming has been improved through its better video stabilisation. It is also now possible to take photos while recording video, and shoot scenic views using the panoramic mode. In addition FaceTime filming functions have also been improved. Video calls for example can now be shot in 720p High Definition.






The impressive camera on the HTC One is definitely one to watch. This smartphone’s sensor is smaller than previously seen on the HTC, and its larger pixels serve to let in more light and data. This results in a faster sensor that produces better looking pictures while on the go.

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Review on Apple iPhone 5 – Is it the iPhone which you wanted to own?

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The iPhone 5 was released in second half of last year (2012). However, the time lag before the release seemed to be a never-ending one. Almost each and every week or month a titillating photo of the phone were leaked, and the rumor mill was on. So, now as the iPhone 5 is here in the market and very much buyable, it is important for you to be aware about its characteristics, its advantages and what the disadvantages are.

Its design

This time Apple decided to do away with the weight of the phone, joining the clan of the light weight phones. The iPhones before this were quite a weighty affair, and this itself was important for its being. It is so very light this time, that although it has become easier to handle it, it almost distracts you (applies to those who have used iPhones before). This weighty feel that the iPhones used to give, were praised by almost one and all. It has a larger 4 inch screen this time and thus stands tall, at 123.8mm. The new two tome effect at the back gives a perfectly smooth feel, and looks equally breathtaking too.


Now, in place of the interrupting pop-ups, you have the option to enjoy a new Notification Center. This center combines together all of your messages and missed calls, a stock ticker, the application updates, and the weather too within a single place. You can check the details from this place simply by making a downward swipe form the top. Once you do this, the notifications are supposed to appear on your screen; even if it is locked. This helps you save lots of time.


This is a very handy tool which lets you store together several to-do lists, along with the dates against the events. You can even have the option to categorize the reminders with the help of the GPS location. You also have the option to share the reminders in between various devices and in sync with the iCal with regards to the Mac which has CalDAV. You can also do this on Windows with the help of the MS Exchange. This particular application also has a calendar which you can scroll over, so that you can easily browse through it and also add tasks for the future.


There are some additional camera applications available this time, thereby making it work like a “point and shoo” camera. You can have a shortcut option on the lock screen itself which can be helpful enough for you to directly launch the camera; thereby bypassing lock code. If you simply double-tap on the Home button, the music controls come alive on the screen along with the camera icon on the right hand side of the screen. You will then have the option to use the volume control in order to capture your Kodak moments. There are grid lines within the camera an you can pinch over it to zoom over or autofocus. It also provides you the option  to make changes, with regards to the exposure.

So, here are some of the most important changes brought over by Apple, with regards to its newest member of the iPhone family.

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Apple IPhone 5 Versus Apple IPhone 4S

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The Apple iPhone 5 first appeared on September 21, 2012 to the public, about one year from the release of its iPhone 4S. Apple is taking over the smartphone market with its latest upgrades and ever improving models; but what actually is different in the latest iPhone 5 smartphone? This is the story.

Change in Processor

The iPhone 4S’s dual-core Apple A5 processor was upgraded to the Apple A6 in the iPhone 5. This means quicker downloading of applications and files, faster internet browsing and better video streaming. You’ll also get faster downloads and web browsing thanks to the new 4G LTE network connection (but this is only available through certain networks in specific locations).

Enhanced Display

The iPhone 5 comes with a larger display area than its predecessor. The iPhone 5 has approximately a half inch larger display screen at four inches, compared to the three and a half inch display of the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 also has a larger dimension at 123.8 x 586 x 7.6 mm compared to the iPhone 4S at a dimension of 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3 mm.

Facetime Feature

Although both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S have Facetime capabilities, the iPhone 5 is able to use both WiFi and cell connection for Facetime. Currently, the iPhone 4S can only use WiFi for Facetime.

Battery Capacity

There is more standby battery time with the iPhone 5 at 225 hours in one full charge. The iPhone 4 has 220 hours of standby time on a full charge. In addition, the iPhone 5 has a full eight hours of talk and internet surfing time when using the 3G networking system. The iPhone 4S has just over seven hours of talk time, and somewhat less with Internet browsing.


The iPhone 5 is lighter than the iPhone 4S at only 112 grams or 3.9 ounces. The iPhone 4S weights 140 grams.


The iPhone 5 is the slimmest and lightest phone from Apple. It also comes in two new design colors of black and slate, and white and silver. The iPhone 4S comes in just the basic black and white colors that was also introduced with its iPhone 4.


The iPhone 4S has the VGA front-facing camera that is less than one megapixel, with an eight megapixel rear-facing camera that includes an LED flash. The iPhone 5 was developed for faster viewing of pictures, as well as the ability to take pictures in the panoramic style. It can take pictures at the same time you are making a video.

The iPhone 5 video taking feature also comes with a better stabilization of video taking for better quality videos. What is the same is that the camera has eight megapixels.


The iPhone 5 comes with the smallest charger called the “Lightening” charger. The iPhone 5 has a smaller port with an eight pin connector. The iPhone 4S and older models of the iPhone have a 30 pin connector.

The iPhone 5 comes with Apple’s new Earpods, the newest version of their white earphones. This is a $29.99 value at no extra charge when purchasing the iPhone 5.

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A Hands On Look At The IPhone 5

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People have been discovering since beginning of this year that the Apple iPhone 5 is coming soon, but they have already been unhappy so far. Particularly following Steve Jobs resigned, the supposition in regards to the new iPhone has become considerably negative. Therefore, if you’re questioning yourself that really should I wait for iPhone 5 or maybe ought to I choose the new galaxy series by Samsung, then waiting around could possibly be the more suitable choice for you.

One difficulty in this regard is usually that Apple doesn’t launch the exact features in the iPhone until it has legally announced, and also most of the things you are reading about it on the internet are based upon rumors along with rumors. Hence try not to be too centered to them. However, a single thing is without a doubt, the iPhone followers is not going to be disillusioned. This next era iPhone 5 is unquestionably, worth the wait; here are some of the established reports and also opinions concerning the new iPhone.

First of all, the new iPhone 5 is among the thinnest handsets created so far, it weighs lighter than its prior versions, which means you can very easily carry it around in your pocket. The display screen size for the iPhone 4 was roughly 3.5 inches and its particular resolution was viewed as the very best amongst mobile phones so far. The revolutionary iPhone will most likely possess the exact same screen dimension as well as image resolution, though there may be certain speculation that the men and women at Apple might boost the measurement to 4 inches; the odds of that happening are a little sleek.

As much as the software program runs, the iPhone 5 is going to be a completely unique as well as diverse sensation for the Apple users. The software is Android for beginners, so you can have twice as quite a bit to discover within your cell phone as the earlier type. The modern program is improved for rapid operating for instant messaging and net utilization. It’s exactly the same A5 processor which is becoming utilized in iPad 2 i.e. the average speed from the processor chip will likely be close to 1.5 GHz.

The next generation iPhone boasts cutting edge tunes technological innovation to have your music sensation on the upcoming degree; the brand new iCloud function from the iPhone 5 can help you connect restlessly to any music gadget, even your personal computer or radio and can connect to all on the web Apple outlets to bring up to date your playlist. Your camera for this cutting edge cell phone is going to be an LED 8 mega-pixel, thus iPhone 5 images is going to be unique in the two resolution and excellence. You can save motion pictures, take photographs and publish them effortlessly with all of your good friends using your upcoming generation iPhone. And so whenever an individual asks you “should I wait for iPhone 5″ you need to know just what to tell him!

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iphone 3gs 5 Launch Date

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The latest iPhone 4S had phone enthusiast searching forward to this wonderful invention. The iPhone five is n
ow the newer and quite a few waited for telephone on the market.

Quite a few diverse estimations of when the phone will be released happen to be circulating. There are actually various dates and nicely as months but it appear nobody is confident of when the precise date is going to be. Right here we will talk about a couple of with the attributes to anticipate from this telephone ahead of going in to the anticipated iPhone 5 release date within the year 2011.

Characteristics of the iPhone five

Even though there are actually no definite statements on the features that can be accessible with all the iPhone five,
you will find some features that are expected – upgrades on the functions with the existing iPhone 4S. A key feature are going to be a 3D camera for 3D videos as well as pictures; the panoramic images will provide a full view from the planet quickly around you. In addition, there is going to be an A5 chip which can be
a processor (dual core) getting a processor with 1.two GHz and 1 GB RAM. The attributes mentioned will make the iPhone 5 a lot more useful than most computers and the speed will virtually be almost two instances that in the iPhone four. It will additionally be operated on the iOS and anticipated to come with 4G services and CDMA and GSM connections throughout the world and because of this ‘world phone’ will probably be its name.

Expected iPhone 5 Release Date

The iPhone release date for the year 2011 is surrounded by a lot of debate. Below you’ll obtain a few of the most important projected dates of when the iPhone
five could be created obtainable towards the public. Bear in mind even though that these dates will not be officially confirmed.

January 2012: Macworld Convention – Tim Cook (newCEO) may well make the iPhone obtainable in the late part of January. Nevertheless, the chances of this happening is low because the iPhone 4S that are available are still well-known and in high demand.

Spring 2012: This date is also attainable since it is usual for Apple to create iPads readily available in the spring season. The odds listed here are also low because Apple wants adequate time to pass in between the iPhone 4S and iPhone five.

June 2012: WWDC – The chances that this can be the release date from the iPhone five are reasonably high
5th October 2012 – The iPhone Release Date is most
likely to become this one particular mainly because it is actually one of the most concept l date among the 4S plus the five. Despite the fact that hardly anyone desires to hang around for a year for this new  iPhone, it really is the most perfect date.

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