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How to Keep Your Android Phone Secure

It is an unfortunate fact that mobile phone theft is on the increase. While it is very convenient being able to access the internet from wherever you are just by using your phone, this also raises questions about the safety of your data. Data theft and hacking are both on the increase.


Not only do you need to take precautions to prevent a thief taking your phone, you also need to be careful about how you use the internet, if you don’t want your phone and personal data hacked. Instances of malware and spyware are on the increase. Most of us are well aware of the need to protect our computers, but when it comes to tablets and android phones, we don’t always take the same precautions.


How Your Phone Can be Attacked by Spy and Malware


One of the things that allow hackers to place nasty programmes on our phones, apart from when they steal them, is through apps. Everyone wants the latest game or other type of application on their phone. You need to take care about what you download as a good number of apps from Google Store, that we think are safe, are not.


Another way in which hackers can insert a piece of text and steal our data is by tricking us. Most tricks used on Androids tend to be the ones we avoid on our computers; phishing emails for example or a caller pretending to be someone they are not. Without realising it you can give your personal information to virtually anyone when you fall for bogus calls or emails.


You can easily be tricked into downloading an unsafe application because hackers implement these things as a sort of ‘doppelganger’: they give them an almost identical name to the safe apps, in the hope that you will accidently download the fake one instead. One way of protecting yourself from unsafe apps is to hold off on downloading them until you have the time to ensure that what you are getting is safe.


Protecting Yourself and Your Phone


In the same way that you take precautions to protect your computer, you really need to do the same kind of thing with your phone. Don’t keep bank details, credit card details or passwords listed in your phone; you are asking for trouble. If someone steals your phone and manages to get it unlocked, they can access your personal data. If you have downloaded an unsafe app, the coding contained within it could track your data.


Always have your phone password protected; this makes it much harder for a thief to access your data. Most androids have a built in encryption system to make your personal data virtually impossible to access. Check your phone settings to find out how to encrypt your data – this is especially necessary when you are downloading through the USB port.


It is a good idea to install an anti-spy or malware programme on your phone, just as you would your computer. The vast majority of these programmes are safe and they really can give much needed protection to your phone.


This post was written by James Harper for QT&C , the information assurance specialists.


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Top Browsing Capabilities Of The Android Mobile Device

The newest technology of the decade is the videos calling. The free calling has led to the purchase of many cell phones. The person will not also be required to turn on the laptop each time he wants to watch the video. The new Android smartphones have now provided the best features of the video. Much software supporting the video viewing has also updated their versions for android smartphones. Skype has updated its application for android smartphone. Free video calling between android users is the main feature of the application. Since the Android smartphone comes with the front facing camera, this makes the video calling the extraordinary experience.

The video capability of android smartphones depends on the phone you own.Each smartphone offers a unique video capability.. The HTC One X provides the best video quality as it gives the video recording of 1080p and also the remarkable options of the video played in slow motion as well as recording of video simultaneously. HTC One S provides the 8 megapixel camera with the same recording of video. The LGS Lucid has the best colorful and bright screen. The display of 4’’ IPS displays a very sharp 800 x 480 screen. The camera of 5mp is considered to be the high quality video recording when compared to some other smart phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Note along all android phone accessories is of the same competency as the other android tablets. They have a high resolution screen together with an 8MP camera. The strong 4G technology works best on the video calling. One of the latest Motorola Droid 4 comes with the display of 4GHD and it available together with the sliding keypad. The screen shows the brightness and sharp colors as well as good control over deep blacks.

The LG spectrum with the video camera at the front works best for the video chat. Its 4.5 IPS display can make any video viewing the best experience. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no doubt the extraordinary phones that have been released last year. The magnificent screen and the resolution display work better when it is used together with the 4G technology. It also claims to have the fastest camera among other smartphones.

The LG Nitro HD comes with other perfect specification for the video viewing on the android smartphones together with other Android accessories. The video viewing software works perfectly on this phone. The Motorola Droid Razr is a beautiful thin mobile that presents a sensitive screen with good video resolution. Having a large internal memory it can record the video to 1080p. Samsung Galaxy S II Sky rocket is among the smartest android smartphones. Since it has the fastest CPU, the video viewing is normally able to show any video of higher resolution.

The HTC rhyme is among the smartest 3G phone and it offers a smart screen size with a high resolution. The accessories give a new edge to the video calling experience. Coming in plum color it displays the screen on 800 x 480. The Android smartphone comes with the best viewing ability with a better screen size. To view the best video take the extended memory cards of android wireless accessories. You can purchase them under the Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories, Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket accessories and even the Samsung Galaxy S III accessories.

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New Comes equipped with on Android 4.0

Android is continuously driving innovation forward, pushing the boundaries of communication and sharing with new capabilities and interactions. Android 4.0 implement 4 best innovation

Android Beam sturdy

Android Beam is a main edge, effortless feature for sharing in all of 2 NFC-enabled devices, It lets folk straight aside trade fave programmes, connections, audio, movies close to anything. It’s beautifully helpful and simple to use there is not any list to open, software to introduce, or pairing required. Just touch one Android-powered telephone to yet another, then tap to send. For discussing programs, Android Beam pushes a connection to the app’s names and emails web page in Android Market. On the various machine the Marketplace app launches and loads the particulars post, for easy downloading of the app.

Customized programs can develop on Android Beam to add other sorts of interactions ,eg spending game scores, initiating a multi-player game or talk, and much more.

Face Unlock

Android 4.0 introduces a completely new strategy to assuring a gadget crafting each and every person’s device far far more private Accept Unlock is a new screen-lock choice that can let you unlock your system with the face. It exploits the system front-facing camera and up to the second facial acceptance technological innovation to register a face throughout set-up and afterwards to recognise it once again when unlocking the gadget. Simply hold the system in entrance of the face to open, or make use of a backup PIN or pattern

Wi-Fi Steer

Assist for Wi-Fi Steer enables you to get in touch directly to close by peer gadgets over Wi-Fi, for far more trustworthy, higher-speed communication. No web connection or tethering is required. Thru third occasion programmes, one can get in touch to suitable gadgets to take advantage of added showcases prefer on the spot discussing of files, images, or various media ; streaming video clip or music from one more system ; or connecting to suitable printers or other gadgets.

Bluetooth HDP

Android 4.0 additionally introduces constructed in assist for connecting to Bluetooth Health Device Report gadgets. Assisted by third get together programmes, you can link to wireless medical devices and sensors in hospices, health and fitness centres, properties, and some place else.

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