With The Help Of Mobile Wireless Communications You Can Stay In Touch Anywhere

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Radio frequency based communications has made mobile wireless communications possible. Radio frequency or RF communications have been around for quite some time. Depending on the frequency of the RF waves used for communications, they propagate around in different ways. Early and popular applications were the radio broadcasting systems around the world. Thanks to the radio we are able to have entertainment and educational material right in our home.


The different broadcasting stations were dependent on different frequency ranges, were apparent from the fact that when you wanted to tune to these stations, different frequency bands were to be used. There were the medium wave as well as many shortwave bands. This system was limited in mobility. The radio receiver could move anywhere; broadcast stations were static. Emergency services and police mostly used this type of communication in a mobile setting. Both the transmitters and receivers could be moved around.


Since televisions use a frequency that is higher, they want to be sure that the receiving stations can be seen by the transmitting towers. This system too had limited mobility where the TV receivers were meant to be located at homes of people. The mobile wireless communications market was completely changed thanks to the appearance of cellular phones. Like the TV systems, these mobile communications systems depend on higher frequencies. Transmission stations or the base stations (as they are called in cellular communication systems) need to be visible to the phones communicating through the base station towers. They must have the visibility so they use the towers. Higher the tower, larger is the distance from which it can reach the mobile handsets.


The evolution of the cellular and mobile phone systems has carried us into the 3rd generation or 3G system. A fourth generation or the 4G mobile phones have started to launch around the globe. The biggest change we have seen from the mobile phones is that they are no longer being used only for voice communication, but instead have become computing devices. The evolution into 3G and 4G is focused on facilitating this need for communicating data all over the world. These highly capable mobile handsets use mobile wireless communications and are able to tap into the Internet.


While mobile handsets are acquiring computing device-like capabilities, computing devices are evolving to become completely mobile. They bring in data based capabilities, computing features and some calling features. With the newest tablets out there mobile wireless communications are consistently changing and adapting.

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