What To Look For When Evaluating IPhone Plans

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iPhone 4S plans

It was just seven months ago when the iPhone 4S made its debut and now it has become the standard to which smartphones are compared against. In fact, the company has announced that they were able to sell four million units in the first three days of its release – the most ever for a phone. There are several features on the iPhone 4S which contributed to its worldwide success and popularity. For example, the phone now features a voice recognition system known as Siri which could activate numerous other built-in apps, and the iCloud service. Many agree that Siri is the best feature on the iPhone 4S and one of the most innovative solutions made by Apple.

The iPhone 4S is also faster thanks to its A5 dual-core processor. The iPhone 4S GPU is also more powerful than those used on previous models. These improvements are most noticeable in resource-intensive applications like games. This phone also features an 8MP camera which allows you to take vivid and accurate photos. The camera can also shoot 1080 HD videos.

This fifth generation iPhone also is the first phone to intelligently switch between two antennas to transmit and receive, so call quality is better. The phones maximum HSDP data speeds can reach up to 14.4 Mbps which means faster connections, loading, reloading, and downloads. However, owning an iPhone 4S is not cheap. You would have to shell out at least $100 monthly to enjoy your iPhone 4S’s call, text, and data functions. To ensure that you will be able to enjoy your smartphone to the fullest yet not spend beyond your means, you have to select the right iPhone 4S plans for you.

To find the best iPhone plans for you, you need to evaluate a number of factors. The good thing is that most of the carriers make it possible for you to tailor your plan to match your needs and budget. In the US, Sprint would be the best choice for those with a lean budget. For about a hundred bucks each month, you already get to enjoy 900 minutes of voice calls, unlimited texting and data.

Price is only one criterion when choosing plans, the most important factors are speed and coverage. AT&T is considered by many as the one with the best network quality among carriers that offer the iPhone 4S, largely because of its GSM network. A speed test conducted by PCWorld last year showed that AT&T reached average download speeds of 1,410 kbps which is closest to the iPhone 4S’s theoretical max download speed. While expert and consumer reviews can point you to the right direction, it would be better to ask recommendations from people you trust so you can have an unbiased opinion about their overall experience with a particular carrier.

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