The Perks Of Free Mobile Phones

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The Perks Of Free Mobile Phones

Even in the past years and until now, communication is very important. This helps families to stick together and for businesses to thrive more in their fields. Having a phone can help individuals with their safety and it can also enhance their productivity. Fortunately, the government has been generous with the less fortunate households. Wireless phones are given to them as part of the Lifeline Program. Only one gadget can be availed per household. This can help a lot during emergency cases and when you apply for a job.

How to be qualified for the project?

• Your household must meet with your state’s specific income requirements.

• Depending on the state, you may be required to present the following documentations:

o Retirement/ Pension statement of benefits

o Social security statement of benefits

o Tax return of the previous years

o Veterans administration proof of benefits

o Income statement from employer

o Documentation for divorce or child support

o Workman’s compensation

o Tribal notice of participation in General Assistance

o Documentation to prove that you are a participant in some of the government’s assistant programs.

• Medicaid

• Federal Housing

• Food Stamps or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

• Supplemental Security Income or SSI

• National School Lunch Program

• Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

• Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

• Refugee Assistance

• Disability Lifeline

• The sick and disabled can avail the free phone benefit. The providers understand that they also need the gadget for medical emergencies.

The government will provide a phone that comes with freebies:

• One year free contract

• 250 minutes worth of free call for every month

• No credit check

• No fees

• If you will go beyond the provided minutes, you will have to pay the excess at a minimum rate.

• You can extend for another year as long as you pass the needed requirements before your contract ends.

How to apply?

• You can go online and fill up the online application form.

• You can visit your preferred service provider and apply to them personally.

The free wireless phones that will be provided to the low income households are not the most advanced or expensive kinds in the market. Being granted with it is already an advantage since most families who will be receiving it can barely afford to have one. It comes with great befits which enables you to keep in touch with relatives, friends, and loved ones who live far from you. This is also useful when you are applying for a job. Your prospective employers can reach you anytime and anywhere. Also, when emergency arises, you don’t have to borrow the phone of your neighbor to call 911 for you already have your own to use.

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