The Nokia Pink Lumia900 Sold For $ 49.99

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Although the launch of the latest pink edition attract the eye, the no ideal sales made operators have to lower prices to the promotion, the phone has been in the market in North America, and the contract price to $ 49.99 than half the cost of synchronization started selling the Motorola ATRIX HD.

Although Nokia Lumia900 has launched the latest pink version to attract the eye, it does not seem the ideal sales performance which allows operators to have to go through the price cuts to their marketing. According to overseas media reports, the Nokia Lumia900 pink version has been available in North America, but the mobile phone contract price has lowered to $ 49.99, compared to synchronization started selling the Motorola ATRIX HD cheaper by half.

The Nokia Lumia900 pink version has changed the color but it does not bring their own luck, operators AT & T released the latest contract price, the pink version the Nokia Lumia900 and before the launch price of the other three color versions were reduced to 49.99 U.S. dollars, compared to the contract price of $ 99.99 over the past two years which can be described as half-price cheap.

Reasons for markdowns are as follows, on the one hand, it’s estimated that sales of the Nokia Lumia900 results do not expect as originally, and secondly, it can not upgrade the WP8 system, making the phone less attractive to users. In the operator’s sales ranking in the last month, the phone has been HTC One X beyond only in the third, if you join rival Samsung GALAXY SIII upcoming Hot, Nokia Lumia900 sales are expected to further decline, so half-price promotion of sub-operators in fact, it can be said quite upset.

When the Nokia Lumia900 is about to be sold in the United States, many people predict the phone will have the opportunity to achieve unprecedented success, and even the operators AT & T has also said Lumia 900 sales have exceeded expectations. However, according to market research sales of the Nokia Lumia900 in the United States are only about 330,000. In addition, coupled with other Lumia series of new machines listed in the U.S., Nokia WP systems mobile phone sales in the United States only five hundred thousand, so unsatisfactory performance is disappointing.

Nevertheless, the Nokia Lumia900 pink version is also still worth starting. In addition to the smooth handling and can be upgraded in the future WP7.8 system, Nokia also equip the version pre-loaded with three features, including “apict”, “Groupon”, “Fruit Ninja” application mainly for taking pictures, shopping, and third of the games category, and it’s believed that in the market it will be welcomed by many women users.

The characteristic of the WP7.8 system version for Nokia is to have a fresh start to interface with the three dimensions of the tiles for the user freedom of choice. In addition, the pink version of the Nokia Lumia900 WP system compared to other models still retained some unique features, such as exclusive Nokia navigation features, the exclusive Nokia Music 3.0 applications will be added to enhance the sound quality, broadcast enhancements and offline playback enhancement etc.


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