The iHelicopter app – A detailed guide for you to control this toy

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iHelicopter Lightspeed

iHelicopter Lightspeed

One of the gadgets setting a standard in the industry in terms of easiness of use, price, quality, and fun is the Lightspeed iHelicopter. This affordable and reliable gizmo is becoming very popular because it rivals the big players in the market. This small size helicopter is perfect for anyone who is just looking to have some fun, and one thing that also does this toy unique is that it is controlled using an app, so it really helps to lower the price of the toy, the app is free to download and it really offers sharp razor control over the helicopter, and in this article I will be giving you a tour over each screen available on the app so you know what to expect from it.

The app of this toy is very unique, I’ve seen other apps before and I am really surprised about the versatility of this one; it allows you to control four kinds of helicopters all using the same app, so you don’t have to install more apps in your mobile device. Also, one of the main features of this app is that three helicopters can be controlled at the same time; there is a turbo button available to boost the forward movement of the toy, and if that is not enough for you, a motion control can be activated as well, so you can turn your mobile device into a 3D joystick.

The app is very easy and intuitive to use; it is compatible with either Android andAndroid Market, which is another great thing as well because some toys only work with one or another, and there is always an unhappy segment of the market, but the Ligthspeed iHelicopter app can be found on the App Store or Android Market.

A step by step tour through the iHelicopter App

When attempting to launch ihelicopter app it is important to have into account some previous steps in order to ensure that the helicopter will fly. The first thing to do is to connect the transmitter to the phone and turn the volume to the maximum, thus the signal to control the toy will be the strongest one and  your toy will fly like a beauty.

After doing this, it is time to launch the app and start enjoying the great features that it has to offer, and this is where all turns to be a lot of fun.

First Screen  

Here you will see four buttons for you to select from, here is a brief description of each one.

  • Fly Now: Press this button and you will go to the helicopter selection screen, more about it up next.
  • Mail: In case that you have a comment or question for the app developers this is the place to go.
  • Website: Visit the Lightspeed iHelicopter website and learn more about it.
  • Help: This is an incredibly useful guide that will help you to understand the basics to control your toy, great place to have a look, more about it ahead.

Helicopter selection

This screen will present you four choices of helicopter to select from, meaning that depending on which Lightspeed iHelicopter you have is the one that you will select. This study will concentrate on the Lightspeed iHelicpter app, the features are the same for most of them, and the models that can be controlled from a mobile device are:

  • Light speed iHelicopter
  • Light speed iHelicopter with onboard camera
  • Gyro Zoomer mini R/C helicopter
  • Syma


Flight Screen

This is the part of the app where you will spend most of the time, here are located the controls of the helicopter, and I will go in detail about each one for your reference.

  • ON/OFF: Press this button to start or shut down the helicopter.
  • Channels: This app version features channels A, B, and C, which means that three Lightspeed iHelicopters can be controlled at once.
  • Throttle: At the left side of the screen is located the throttle control, this will make the heli go up or down.
  • Joystick: To the right side a joystick to move left/right and backward/forward can be found.
  • Motion Control: A button located on the right upper corner of the screen just below the Demo button will activate the motion control; this will turn the whole mobile device into the joystick providing a totally new experience of flight.
  • Turbo: Push this button and you will see why the toy is called Lightspeed.
  • Trim buttons: Sometimes you will notice that the helicopter will tend to spin without you moving anything, this is due to a calibration issue, but it can be corrected simply by pressing the trim buttons located at the bottom of the screen. If the heli tends to spin to the right, press the left trim button to counteract this movement until the spinning stops; do the same thing if the heli spins to the left using the right trim button.
  • Lights: A cool feature of this toy is that it has lights built in, you can turn them on and off with a button on the flight screen as well.
  • Back: Go back to the last screen.
  • Flip: Use it to switch the flight screen upside down.
  • Demo: Activate the demo mode and see what the heli does.

Help Screen

This is an extremely useful screen; here you will find graphical instructions for:

Start the device








Control interface








Classic control model








Motion control model








Troubleshooting (make sure to check this, it is a great help)








As you can see here this helicopter is the perfect toy for anyone. The app is free as I said earlier and you can download it even if you don’t have the Lightspeed iHelicopter, the possibilities are endless and in the end you will love this toy.

Go and download the app right now to test it, after that simply order your toy and start to enjoy!

To your flight success!


About the author:

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano

Being a gadgets lover, Jose Lozano enjoys finding as much information as he can about these app-controlled gadgets; he thinks that these RC helicopters are great for newbies and people who want to have a fun time. Jose recently found a toy that in his opinion is the best remote control helicopter of all, and right now he shares the details on his website.

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