The Best Asus Nexus 7 Accessories

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Currently, among the highly ranked smartphones is the Nexus 7. the phone has numerous features and all necessary elements needed to offer a seamless thrill will be helpful on the daily – regardless of that which you want to do. Conversely, to maintain who it looks and it functions, you need to be cautious with how you handle it so that it can last longer and still give it a good re-sale value with no abrasions or damages on it.

An important feature on the phone is the display. Because it responds to touch, it is the primary means of communication between you and the device. In order to get the most out of it you need to make sure that the screen is out of harm’s way. The Nexus 7 general forum members suggest that the best way to keep the phone out of harm’s way is to protect it with a screen protector. It may not look like much but this thin layer of film can take the damage from scratches and from impacts. It will coat the display with a thin clear layer that is actually and external add-on.

Of course, the Nexus 7 help community is aware that the phone comes fitted with Gorilla glass. This is great because it has been proven to extend the life of the display tremendously and to give it a much more reliable protection than regular Plexiglas screens. Another great point about this particular brand of screen is that it improves the response time of the phone quite dramatically.

The touch interface however will not be influenced by attaching a quality screen protector. Those films have been tested and they do not interfere with your phone’s sensitivity level. On the contrary, the layers will give you freedom to use other implement together with the phone.

Some of the Nexus 7 OS discussion series have been about the best way to interact with the screen. Undoubtedly, using your finger will give you the easiest way to access the phone. As long as you have the phone with you, no longer need anything else, along with it. As such, it helps you in your everyday usage. The confidence of using the phone and having no damage the display is something that will need your own trial and affirmation, but if a conclusive result of one of a dented screen then that means that you cannot entirely depend on that particular phone.

Overall, a screen protector for your Nexus 7 is a great investment for all people who love phones. The price tag on it is pocket friendly and the protector yields more in terms of service. The ability to get more out of the phone without damaging it is great. The possibility to use the interface without any scratching and a more relaxed frame of mind is again very interesting. Just buy a suitable display film and paste it for an unsurpassed interface use.

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