Sphero App Review – A Step by Step guide to help you control Sphero from your Mobile Device

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Earlier here in New Trendy Offers Online I shared a review of one the toys that is literally changing the gadgets world, now I would like to go farther and give you a detailed guide about the app that is used to control it. The name of the app is Sphero, it was developed by Orbotix and it is free for you to download. This app can be found for iOS devices on the App Store, and on Google Play for Android devices. With this app the whole toy can be controlled, the speed, the driving modes, the color, and many more things that you want to discover by yourself. This app is totally upgraded from its last version which was launched in 2011. The new version is making things easier for the user and also looks better than the last one.

Controlling Sphero with the Sphero app is very easy and intuitive, since the first moment that you launch the app it will drive you step by step about what you should do; if there is any problem the app will also let you know, and the best of all, it will provide you with instructions to solve some issues. It is also good for you to know that currently are more than 20 apps ready for you to use besides the Sphero one, these other apps will expand your experience with the toy, and even when I will not discuss in detail any of those apps, it worth knowing that mastering the Sphero app is just the tip of the iceberg with this cool gadget.

The first thing that the Sphero app will look for once you launch it will the Sphero toy, if it is not paired (connected) to your mobile device, the app will display a message to give you some tips about what you can do to sync it with your mobile device, remember that it will connect using the Bluetooth feature, so you want to make sure that you have your Bluetooth turned on when launching the app. If after ensuring that the Bluetooth is on you still can’t connect Sphero with the app, check if Sphero is asleep, just shake it twice and it should start to blink.

Follow this Simple Step by Step tour and Go Sphero!

I will speak in detail about some of the most relevant features that you can control using this app, the main screen is full of 3D elements and I will provide guidance to use them one by one, this will be helpful to get the most out of your toy, the easiness of using this app will be obvious and from there the fun will start.

  • The Joystick: The biggest element in the Sphero app control screen is the joystick, this is a 3D feature that will allow you to use Sphero and drive it in the direction that you want. It is important that you know that Sphero will take your mobile device’s orientation as a reference, so if you turn the mobile device, Sphero must be calibrated so it knows the new controls. Refer to the video in this article to better understand this function.
  • Sphero- App

    Sphero- App

    Auto heading: This is a new feature in the app that was not included in the last version, with it you can auto-head Sphero, which means that it will find its orientation automatically if you turn the mobile device. This is especially useful for newbies because that way Sphero is easier to be controlled. You can explore this setting and experiment a little.

  • Sphero face: Tapping on the Sphero’s face will show you all the other apps available for Sphero, you can download those that look interesting (all of them are). Also some stats and numbers about the toy’s performance can be displayed as well as the latest news from Orbotix.
  • Speed: At the top left corner of the control screen you will be able to see the Sphero’s speed; remember that Sphero can develop speeds of up to 3 feet per second, so just adjust the speed to whatever you feel comfortable with and enjoy. It is also a great time to recall that Sphero can give you over an hour of entertainment at full throttle.
  • Functionalities button: At the bottom left corner of the control screen you will see a button that will allow you to change the Sphero’s functionalities; it is also a lot of fun and something that you will enjoy exploring and experimenting with.

One of the coolest aspects about this App is that it is open source, which means that you can create your own scripts and develop apps for Sphero that later can be used with the toy. This is something that has the whole developer’s community very happy, because they are being encouraged to create scripts through the Sphero Hack Tour. You will be amazed by how easy is to create scripts and use them with this gadget.

This version of the app is better and more intuitive to use in comparison with the last one, it concentrates all the functionalities and features in one main screen; it also gives you instructions about what to do in case that your gadget isn’t working properly, the auto-heading button is a major update that can be used and thus control Sphero in an easier way. As I told you in my last article about Sphero, Orbotix is literally reinventing the wheel, this app will help you to control your toy better and have tons of fun using this revolutionary toy.

Don’t forget to download other apps and use them to expand your experience with Sphero, and last but not least, start to develop your own scripts and contribute creating an app; if you do it the Sphero owners will reward you.

What do you think about Sphero’s App? Are you already enjoying with your Sphero? Let us know your comments.


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Jose Lozano

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