Review on Apple iPhone 5 – Is it the iPhone which you wanted to own?

The iPhone 5 was released in second half of last year (2012). However, the time lag before the release seemed to be a never-ending one. Almost each and every week or month a titillating photo of the phone were leaked, and the rumor mill was on. So, now as the iPhone 5 is here in the market and very much buyable, it is important for you to be aware about its characteristics, its advantages and what the disadvantages are.

Its design

This time Apple decided to do away with the weight of the phone, joining the clan of the light weight phones. The iPhones before this were quite a weighty affair, and this itself was important for its being. It is so very light this time, that although it has become easier to handle it, it almost distracts you (applies to those who have used iPhones before). This weighty feel that the iPhones used to give, were praised by almost one and all. It has a larger 4 inch screen this time and thus stands tall, at 123.8mm. The new two tome effect at the back gives a perfectly smooth feel, and looks equally breathtaking too.


Now, in place of the interrupting pop-ups, you have the option to enjoy a new Notification Center. This center combines together all of your messages and missed calls, a stock ticker, the application updates, and the weather too within a single place. You can check the details from this place simply by making a downward swipe form the top. Once you do this, the notifications are supposed to appear on your screen; even if it is locked. This helps you save lots of time.


This is a very handy tool which lets you store together several to-do lists, along with the dates against the events. You can even have the option to categorize the reminders with the help of the GPS location. You also have the option to share the reminders in between various devices and in sync with the iCal with regards to the Mac which has CalDAV. You can also do this on Windows with the help of the MS Exchange. This particular application also has a calendar which you can scroll over, so that you can easily browse through it and also add tasks for the future.


There are some additional camera applications available this time, thereby making it work like a “point and shoo” camera. You can have a shortcut option on the lock screen itself which can be helpful enough for you to directly launch the camera; thereby bypassing lock code. If you simply double-tap on the Home button, the music controls come alive on the screen along with the camera icon on the right hand side of the screen. You will then have the option to use the volume control in order to capture your Kodak moments. There are grid lines within the camera an you can pinch over it to zoom over or autofocus. It also provides you the option  to make changes, with regards to the exposure.

So, here are some of the most important changes brought over by Apple, with regards to its newest member of the iPhone family.

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