Mobile Texting Whilst Driving Is Even More Threatening Than Previously Thought

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A gang of Riverside auto accident attorneys explain that one of the key reasons for automobile accidents is driver distraction and one of the quickest growing reasons behind driver distraction is texting. Numerous studies have uncovered a drastic link between car accidents and text messaging and so much so that in 2009 14 states banned the usage of texting while driving, including California. This has increased, and at present there are just a scattering of states in which it's still legal to text whilst driving, Florida being one of a few.

Texting whist driving is highly perilous as well as causing grounds for a laxity claim. As a result a gang of experienced Riverside car accident lawyers who are representing a customer will have grounds for a personal injury or manslaughter claim, depending on the scale of the accident. Like all cases of this nature speed is of the essence because in most states there is a set statute of restrictions in which you've got to file a private injury claim.

The ban gathers momentum

The entire ban on texting whilst operating a vehicle has gathered momentum during the past 2 years and so much so that lobbyists include folks, doctors and even the sector leaders in the cell phone companies such as Verizon and the Wireless organisation. If opinion polls are going to be assumed then a recent study carried out by Harris Interactive said that nine out of ten American adults desire texting banned whilst driving.

It is seen as perilous and distracting to a person who should have their eyes on the road. This is joined with the discoveries from the NHTSA who suggest that people who operate a cell telephone whilst driving are 4 times more likely to be bound up in an accident.

If you have been involved in an accident and you suspect the culpable party has been texting whilst driving then it's essential that you contact a gang of Orange County injury lawyer who can offer grounds for recourse.

How threatening telephone is when you're driving? San Bernardino auto accident lawyer and the team of auto accident lawyers near Riverside explain the peril of texting while driving. Read on the work of Warrison Letters about this issue.

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