Mobile Phones And Cellular Gaming

Now day the smartphone that come with amazing games are very popular among the people because of which people are now looking for the phone stat can offer much variety of good games. Gaming is very entertaining and many people play them for their interesting and amazing features. The article will update you about the top five video games for the Apple smart phone.

Temple run is one of the most famous games played on the apple devices. It is also among the most downloaded games and quit addicting. A player plays the role of that character who steals an idol from an ancient temple. One will look for ways of escaping so that evil monkeys will not catch him/her. One have to move through the various paths by avoiding the obstacles and the evils. One keeps running until they die or the monkey catches him/her. One can collect as many gold coins on the way so that they earn more power over the moneys. This is one of the best games that one will enjoy a lot especially if they are playing it along with Apple accessories.

Angry Birds HD free is just as amazing as that version that one can buy from the market. The game is very much user friendly because the idea behind the game is very simple. It is all about flinging the birds with different styles when they are heading to structures with evil pigs’inside. One is required to get rid of all the evil pigs in the level in order to move to the next level. Many people have been playing this game even though some people say that it is boring. While you move to the next levels more birds are added to help you destroy these buildings.

Have you ever played words with friends? Well, this is also one of the gaming apps one finds for free with apple smart phone. The online scrabble is similar to this games the idea behind both these games is same. It is as simple as creating words from the group of letters that are displayed for one which will assist one in gaining more points. When one is unable to make the words, the points awarded will be zero and at the end of the game one is likely to lose. The game is easy and addictive and the good thing is that because of its simplicity you don’t need to consult any person.

The apple smart pone also have a multiplayer game that is played online and is called the Pocket legends. The player can find million and millions of players from all over the world which makes this game more interesting. One chooses the characters he/she wants to play and all their skills will be awarded to him/her. The player can enjoy the adventure that comes from this amazing game.

Many people from all over the world enjoy tower madness HD. It is a tower defense game that one enjoys from the apple devices. It is offered in 3D technology and one is expected to defend their land from the evil aliens which desires nothing else but destruction. One will have to play using different weapons which as awarded as the one moves from the next level of the game. In order to protect the smartphone one can use the Apple cases to ensure the perfect protection. Apple screen protectors are also available in order to protect the screen from any scratches that can reduce the performance of your phone. You see Apple iPhone 4s accessories such as Apple iPhone 4s cases and Apple iPhone 4s screen protectors allow you to keep your smart phone protected throughout your busy day.

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