Meet iHelicopter Lightspeed- An iPhone/Android controlled gadget

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iHelicopter Lightspeed

iHelicopter Lightspeed

These days many gadgets are controlled using iOS/Android mobile devices, there is a variety of toys available for anyone and practically no matter what type of person you are, these gizmos have the power to really deliver a great time and help you enjoy with family and friends. What is making more and more popular these devices is precisely the fact that they are controlled using a mobile device, and since they are very portable as well, you can use them in the house, with friends, and wherever you find yourself with a boring moment. One of these devices is precisely iHelicopter, which in fact can be controlled using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android device; the way this gadget works is very simple, and if you are curious about flying RC helicopters or simply want to have a weapon against boredom, my advice for you is to keep reading, because in the next lines I will be telling you why is that this toy may be the perfect choice for you.

The way these toys are controlled using your smartphone or mobile device is by using an app; these apps can be downloaded for free either from the App Store or Android Market. The advantages of having an app controlled device are many, but one of the main ones is that the apps are built so they can be very intuitive to use, something that does not happen with remote transmitters. Another great thing about them is that you already have the transmitter, which is a smartphone or mobile device, so they really help to save a lot of money to users because transmitters may not only be expensive, but also, they require disposable batteries to work, so every time new batteries are needed, more money is required, but this is not the case with app-controlled devices such as iHelicopoter.

This amazing gizmo can be controlled in all directions, this is very important and kind of unusual for an app-controlled device; the material used to build it is strong and resistant in order to withstand most crashes. As I already mentioned, having the transmitter already on your hands is a huge advantage of this device. The iHelicopter will need close to twenty-five minutes to fully charge its rechargeable battery, and will give you a full 8-minutes flight time of fun. The battery can be charged using the USB cable included inside the box when purchasing iHelicopter, and it can be charged from a computer just like any other USB device.

iHelicopter features and technical Specifications

Here I present you in more detail what this amazing device has to offer to the gizmos lovers; you will find that the toy is more than what you can simply see at first sight.

  • Product Dimensions: 27 x 17 x 10.5 cm
  • App controlled: This device is controlled using the Copter Controller App available on the App Store or Android Market for free.
  • Motion Mode: As many other app controlled devices, there is a motion mode built in the app that can be used to control iHelicopter by tilting your device in the desired direction to move.
  • Turbo functionality: This makes honor to the lightspeed name, and it is a button that can be activated in the app to boost the forward speed.
  • Flexible to move: This toy has the ability to move in any direction, making it a very fun and versatile toy to have fun with.
  • Gyro technology: This gadget has a gyro stabilizer for maximum performance; it basically works by helping iHelicopter to stay still and not spinning unless you command it.
  • Spare parts included: One of the main advantages of this helicopter is that it comes with spare parts inside the box, which is very unusual to have.
  • Flight and charging time: This toy will fully charge after twenty-five minutes and will fly for eight minutes. This could sound like a very small flight time, but in fact this is normal for this kind of toys.
  • Compatibility: This toy can be controlled using both iOS and Android devices.

What others are saying about this gadget

Here are some comments from current iHelicopter owners, a lot can be learned from them.

“My girlfriend bought me one for my birthday and I cannot even begin to express how good it is. It is incredible value: You get a well-made steel-framed machine with built in gyro stabilizing and a bag of spare parts, although frankly it’s pretty robust. I’ve crashed mine dozens of times and there’s not a mark on it. The app is nicely done (I have the iPhone version) and actually using the motion control is probably the easiest way to control it. I’ve had other micro helicopters in the past which were all OK, but this one is absolutely brilliant and a complete bargain. You can have up to 3 in the same area as there are three available channels. Top tip: Shop around a bit and you may get a discount on a pair making them even better value.”

iHelicopter Lightspeed

iHelicopter Lightspeed

“I’ll not add much to the other reviews here other than to echo what they’re saying. This is so easy to fly that it is unreal. Other micro RCs I’ve flown have struggled to maintain height control – over powering or plummeting to the ground. With this you just move the slider up and let go and it pretty much holds that height with very minor adjustments i.e. when moving forward it also climbs a little. The control is so good I can land it on a small book for example or fly it to the corner of the room, turn, hold, come back without crazing swings or arcs or dropping height – the control is razor sharp. I like the iPhone controls and also the tilt control is pretty intuitive. It seems very robust but just in case, they throw in a few spares.

One word of caution – if you intend to fly high or over a hard floor it’s worth remembering that if you receive a text during flight it overrides the controls and the helicopter falls out of the sky!! I see why they make you switch your phone off on planes now :¬)”

Are there any complaints?

After exploring most customer reviews I just could find a couple things that were appearing constantly:

  • Compatibility issues: Some Samsung Galaxy users reported not being able to control the toy, seems like not all Android devices are supported by the app; after digging a lot into this I found that constant improvements are being made about it, the last complaint about incompatibility was posted on Amazon Dec 30, 2012, so maybe that issue was already resolved. People also reported to a great customer service and support, so if you decide to purchase this item and results that it is not working, you can easily contact Amazon or your supplier for help.
  • Battery life: This is the other complaint that most people expressed, I think it is understandable that 8 minutes may not be the greatest flight time for you to enjoy the toy, but as I said earlier, this is typical for toys like this, and in fact, it is ruled by the technology of the battery, which at the moment is like that. The good thing about people complaining about short flight-times is that this means that people is enjoying the toy, so they want more of that.

iHelicopter is the perfect toy for anyone who wants to have some fun

Over all iHelicopter is a great toy that consistently is delivering great amounts of fun to people, after 93 certified customer reviews on Amazon’s site it has an overall rating of 4 stars. It will help a lot to understand more about this toy by reading more reviews, here I tried to put as many useful, easy to understand information for you as possible, and according with the comments of people, the only risk that you take with this toy, is that you will end loving it more.

What do you think so far about this gadget? Do you have iHelicopter already? Let us know your thoughts and leave a comment.

To your flight success!


About the author:

Jose Lozano

Jose Lozano

Driven by a huge passion for gadgets, Jose Lozano is always finding and reviewing as much information as possible about these toys. Jose started using a small radio control helicopter when he was fifteen, since then his passion for these toys grew, this remote control helicopter was a small gadget that helped him to start with this hobby, and today he enjoys sharing advice with others about these gizmos from his extensive research, always striving to get and share the best and most detailed information for users.

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