Interesting Smart Phone Accessories For Your Motorola Droid

No longer requires burning a CD to listen to music in the car while driving. But, it can be even irritating when you have no option but to listen to each and every song that is played by radio presenters on the tuner of the car stereo. Even with technological advancement, we find the present age stereo system lacking most of the important features which are now found in a smart phone.

Apart from working as a computing device and the ability to make or receive calls, smart phone can also be used to listen to music while driving. For you to make the best out of your smart phone, you need to have car accessories that will help you accomplish the phones dual purpose. As a computing device, the smart phone has the capability of playing music files, playing video files and playing games among other computing functions.

Among the many accessories for Motorola Droid 3 designed for use in the car is the travel charger. Any individual would not like to have their smart phone switched off while they are travelling. When travelling, you do not have access to electricity to charge your phone. Fortunately, with a travel charger you are able to charge your smart phone using car power. A travel charger saves you the inconveniences that come when your phone goes off Your phone goes off, you do not have a means of communication. All the important calls, messages, e-mails or any other form of communication is lost. Lack of communication means lost business opportunities.

Another car accessory is the wireless headset. This headset connects to the phone via Bluetooth unlike the traditional ones that were corded. With the help of headset, you will be able to receive calls, listen to music and make calls. This accessory coupled with car mount helps you make and receive calls without having to reach for your phone. As your hands will remain on the steering, you will ensure a safe driving without risking your life in answering a call. The voice recognition feature of the Motorola Droid allows you to input commands to the phone by speaking to it. You can command the phone to look up a name in the phone book and call the person. Apart from making calls, the wireless headset can also be utilized to listen to music from the smart phone. The headphones will offer noise free and high audibility of your favorite music. You can perform regular operations such as forward, replay, repeat, increasing volume or shuffle without reaching out to the phone.

Yet another of the car accessories is the stereo speakers. When coupled with Motorola droid smart phone, you will be able to listen to high clarity music. The stereo speakers are usually pre-installed in your car. If your car does not have pre-installed stereo speakers, you can use your portable stereo speakers. The stereo speakers can be corded or wireless. If corded connection is by use of jacks and if wireless, connection is by use of Bluetooth.

The touch screen of the smart phone should be protected and this can be carried out by purchasing screen protector for Motorola Droid 3. Even though your car has a phone talking accessory, it is still advisable to opt for Motorola Droid 3 cover to further elevate the protective system of your smart phone. The case will reduce the shocks that are absorbed when the vehicle is moving and the mobile phone docking will hold the phone on the dashboard. By using these two essential accessories, the safety of your phone is more or less ensured. Mobile accessories for Motorola Droid such as Motorola Droid Bluetooth headsets and Motorola Droid mobile batteries allow you to add more flexibility to your smart phone; be sure to keep these accessories in mind.

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