Fingerprints To Replace Your Pin

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Being able to securely log into your phone and not having to remember a yet another pin, is currently the aim of some big technology companies. Apple are investigating the fingerprint, whilst Samsung already have face recognition and are researching the possibility of eye recognition. Voice recognition must surely be only a stone’s throw away.

AuthenTec were a biometric security firm, who were not that well-known outside of technology circles. That is until, Apple brought them for lb235 million last summer. By showing their hand and declaring that they are indeed looking at biometric security features, Apple has revealed that the speculation was based on pure fact.

These same rumour sources have been predicting minimal changes to the appearance of the new iPhone 5S, but will improvements inside. Yet again, a faster processor and a better camera being the main attractions. Some predictions of a cheaper version have surfaced, along with talk of a new iPad model coming out.

To remove the need for a pin code, a fingerprint reader would need to be housed in the screen of the iPhone. Allowing you to scan your finger, rather than remember a random four digit pin. Samsung phones feature their “Face Unlock”, which recognises a user’s face and unlocks the phone without further need to enter a pin. The feature has been around for over a year now, allowing the firm to iron out the creases and release a new version, which doesn’t allow you to use a photo instead of a real person.

Voice recognition has become a standard accessory on the smart phone, leading to suggestions that this could be used to provide secure access. However, neither Samsung’s nor Apple’s versions, can specifically identify one person compared to another. Samsung, has successfully integrated an eye-tracking system into the S3. Using the function as a gimmick, until a real use can be found. Keeping the screen lit, is not the most impressive use of this function.

Having created trademark applications for “Eye Scroll” and “Samsung Eye Scroll”, it appears that Samsung has found a more practical use for a great piece of technology. It will allow users to move their eyes towards the bottom of a page, which then automatically scrolls down with your gaze. Removing the need to manually point and press the screen to read an article.

Moving away from the need to remember a random series of numbers and letters, should invariably make your devices safer. It is hoped that the introduction of fingerprint recognition, will take the place of your secure logging in.

Yet again, even more rumours are rife, that Google is attempting to use a smart phone chip to remove passwords completely. With more and more technology companies clearly pouring resources into this field of research, it will only be a matter of time before our beloved passwords are a thing of the past and we use our bodies to gain access to our most secure information. It seems the future of the pin or password is living on borrowed time.

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