Does the HTC Flyer 7 Have the Potential to Be Impressive Tablet PC?

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HTC are best known for the range of high quality Smartphone’s, which may have contributed to the success to Google’s Android operating system. Now this Taiwanese developer has orientated its attention to the fast growing, monetization tablet market. HTC flyer is the machines that HTC hope is going to make every one head turn.

The success of android owns generally comes from HTC Smartphone and because of this, android is choice of operating systems for the HTC flyer 7 tablet. Having said that all the other companies are going with the most up to date 3.0 version of google’s operating system , where HTC OS is only android 2.3. Ideally HTC will see the light and go with the enhanced 3.0 version.

But it is important to emphasize that the user will not likely recognise which operating system the flyer runs, as HTC has implemented its sense interface over the top of android. Sense interface resembles the system that is operate on all HTC Smartphone’s and is found to be highly intuitive. The HTC Flyer is full customisable, the user can load applications and also widgets onto 3D homepage which, when one swipe side to side, turn as if they were sitting on the face of a rotatable cube. Which make it enjoyable and also intuitive system which helps scrolling via menus a breeze.

The HTC flyer 7 inch capacitive screen is amazingly responsive, and the user should find little difficulty employing a finger in order to zoom into photos, by way of example. Having said that, although the HTC 7 inch screen has 1024x 600 pixel resolution, numerous are going to be let down by the colour reproduction. This may be resolved by the time the HTC is released in May.

HTC flyer has one distinctive feature which is the impressive stylus operation. The stylus allows the user to interact with the tablet in a brand new way. There are various nibs types to chose from as will as a broad variety of colours , however the pressure sensitivity does let the HTC tablet down , and yet with many of problems that the new HTC Flyer arises with , presumably there will all be corrected prior to the HTC flyers release date.

Once more the HTC provide you with another scratch one head moves , when it come to powering the flyer , HTC decided to go with a single – core processor, with a 1.5GHz clock speed , which will runs ok without any observable problems , but why single – core processor where many of the competitors tablets PC’s possess a dual – core processor.

The HTC flyer delivers a formidable, stylish an also a durable external design and also is great wireless networking speed which provided by 802.11n. Which include 3G browsing for the web.

Final decision on the HTC flyer is that this tablet is actually a decent tablet; however it does have the potential to be a far more magnificent machine

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The implementation of android 3.0 and a few tweaks could change

HTC Flyer – 7 inch 32GB Android Tablet PC with WiFi and 3G into a very good tablet pc , which this author feels could compete in this market.


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