A Simplified History Of The Mobile Phone

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Nowadays most people would be lost without their trusty mobile phone. It’s the one thing that everyone takes when they leave their house. If you look at how recently these things came about, it is quite amazing how integrated this piece of equipment is to our modern day lives. Here in this article we will talk about their brief history, from the first phone to modern smartphones.

The Invention of the telephone

A highly debated subject as to who actually invented the telephone, but the most widely accepted inventor of it is Scotland’s Alexander Graham Bell. He was awarded a US Patent on his machine in 1876. The first phone call was made over a distance of fifteen feet! The conversation went along the lines of “Watson, come here, I want you.” The invention came about while looking for a replacement for the telegraph machine although at this time the look of the machine was not on top of Bells priorities. Elisha Gray is also worth a mention as Gray put in for a patent for a model using related technology around the same time as Bells.

The First Phones

The first sales of early telephones were reserved for the bourgeoisie as they were still very uncommon at this time. The designs for these early models were very ornate and had a two piece handset, one for hearing and one for speaking which were later integrated to form a modern handset.

The Phone Box

Phone boxes at the time of installation were thought to be the ultimate in new technology, as they permitted you to phone somebody while you were out, these were the mobile phones of their day. The red phone box is still a major tourist icon in London and although still used in many countries across the world, their users are declining which ultimately will see this type of phone disappear from street corners.

In Car Telephones

The first time phones took on a form of mobility they were used in cars. They had to be really as the amount of fittings essential for them to work had to be incorporated into the boot of a car. This technology will be looked back on and maybe laughed about by future generations, but it was a necessary step to get to where we are today

The first Mobile Phones

These were rightly the paramount mobile telephones. However they were still the size of a briefcase and very expensive. Also at the time, they were seen as more of a status symbol than a useful piece of technology.

Handheld Mobile Phones

This new wave of mobile phones was smaller and relatively inexpensive compared to their first generation cousins. They soon became very popular and threatened to wipe out the use of landline technology in homes. These early mobile phones were very bulky and some of the first models are called ‘bricks’ because of their size and bulkiness.

Smart Phones

This new wave of phones has revolutionised the world really, and there is ferocious competition to be at the top of the market. Although touchscreen technology had been around for a while, this has now been integrated to the mobile phone market, along with cameras and internet capabilities as such they are much more than just phones.

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