7 Android Apps You Need to Know About

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Android has really stepped up its game when it comes to apps. For a long time, nothing could rival Apple’s app store, but Google Play is becoming a strong competitor as Android phones grow in popularity. If you are looking for more ways to boost your Android’s capabilities, here are a few apps that will take your smartphone to the next level.


WiFi Analyzer (Free)

This functional app comes with all sorts of uses, many of them aimed at speeding up your Internet connection. The app helps users optimize their Wi-Fi connection by mapping out the other connections available in your area. Using this app you can choose a channel with the least amount of traffic to speed up your Wi-Fi or look for the strongest signal to connect to.


Robin (Free)

Robin is similar to Siri for Apple, it acts as a hands and eyes-free assistant that can perform basic functions with a simple voice command. Although Robin is still in Beta design, there are a lot of functions like directions, Facebook and even some joke telling that makes Robin the best assistant app available for Android right now.


Llama Location Profiles (Free)

Users and the developer are so devoted to this app that it can’t disappoint. Llama uses your location to activate or deactivate phone settings. Program your phone to go silent when you’re at work, play music when the headphone jack is connected, or always ring when your children or other important people call. The best part is that the app uses phone masts to set your location so GPS never drains your battery.


Pixlr Express (Free)

Pixlr Express is one of the better free photo editing apps out there. A big plus is that the app does more than extreme picture filters. It has simple editing functions that balance colors, eliminate red-eye, and even whiten teeth. It also has a number of functions to play with as you edit photos and makes it easy to post your creations on Facebook or Instagram. This is a great app for getting solid pictures from your Android phone.


APP Lock (Free)

Locking your phone can be a hassle if you have friends or children that sometimes need to use it. APP Lock allows users to set password or pattern locks on specific applications so that you are the only one who can access private information. It is surprising that phones don’t come standard with this function, but with the help of APP Lock you can protect your Android without locking everything or always giving out your password.


TED (Free)

If you need a burst of motivation in the middle of the day, TED is the right app to download. TED offers over 1,200 free inspiring talks by leading intellectuals, business specialists, music experts, and many more. This app is a great way to keep your mind motivated on a boring day or generate conversation among friends. Although some users have had issues searching for specific lectures, the app offers so many to choose from you can’t go wrong picking any one to watch.


BetterBatteryStats ($2.89)

Because Android phones have been known for their short battery life, an app like BetterBatteryStats is a useful tool to have. The app is pretty basic, which is great for those less familiar with the technicalities of a smartphone. Using simple graphs, the app clearly displays where most of your phone’s power is being spent. This information can guide users to problem areas so they can be resolved to help extend your phones battery life.


Although these are some of Android’s must-have apps, there are plenty more. What Android app can you not live without?


This guest post is from Justin who writes about TV, Technology and Sports for DIRECTV.

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