5 iPhone Accessories All Entrepreneurs Need

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What are your must-have iPhone accessories. Maybe it’s a fancy case, or a set of Bluetooth speakers. Small business owners, though, have different priorities. Their phones are pure business devices, and entrepreneurs need to get the most out of them.

There are many accessories that are tailor-made for an entrepreneur’s busy and hectic lifestyle. Here are five that will suit any small business owner through the best and worst of times.

1. Zagg invisibleShield

When you travel, your phone gets banged up. That’s all there really is to it. Entrepreneurs travel frequently, so they need to keep their iPhones well protected. At the same time, frequent travelers can’t afford a bulky case, no matter how protective. Traveling light, after all, is the best way to travel.

Zagg’s invisibleSHIELD line of products provides a reasonable layer of protection without getting too bulky. It’s a thin film that can cover your screen, the entire front of your device, or even the front and back of the device. It also comes in various grades, including an EXTREME grade that offers shock resistance. It’s definitely the thinnest case that offers a reasonable level of protection.

There are many models available, so check out invisibleSHIELD by Zagg.

2. Keeper case

Want the perfect case to pair with an invisibleSHIELD? Look no further than the Keeper. It’s not just an iPhone case. It’s a mini wallet, with space to store your credit cards, ID, and some cash. It actually doesn’t add that much bulk to the iPhone, so you can still take advantage of its thinness. It’s like combining two essentials into one — and any traveling entrepreneur will appreciate that.

The Keeper is still available on a pre-order. You can check it out at Fab.com.

3. GoPayment

Imagine this: you’re at a conference showing people your new product. It’s dazzling, beating all the expectations you had for it. And guess what? Your audience seems to think it’s pretty great, too. In fact, one of them is so gung-ho that he wants to place an order. The only problem is, you don’t have a payment apparatus on you. That means a few steps between you and the sale, which decreases the chances of you closing it.

Mobile payments solutions have been on the rise lately, and few do it better than GoPayment. It’s a brand of Intuit, which has been in the payment business longer than most of its mobile payments competitors. It plugs right into the headphone jack of your iPhone, and gives you a way to instantly accept credit card payments. You’ll never miss a sales opportunity again.

Check out GoPayment.com credit card processing so you don’t miss that next sale.

4. Nike FuelBand

Being an entrepreneur means working long hours with few breaks. Maybe you run out to get some food, but you’re back at your desk scarfing it down while you continue to work on the next project. Problem is, that leaves you very little time for physical activity. Is creating your dream company really worth the health risks involved with sitting all day and getting no exercise?

The Nike FuelBand provides a solution. It monitors your daily activity, giving you a score. It might not inspire you to hit the gym or run five miles, but it can provide a nudge to go walk around the block after you’ve been sitting for hours on end. Plus, it turns fitness into a game. The object: beat yesterday’s score.

Check out the Nike+ FuelBand here.

5. External battery pack

Again we’re back to traveling. Thankfully, there are many ways to charge your phone when you travel. Many, if not most, airports have free charging stations. If you fly first class, you probably have an outlet at your seat. But what if you need to cut back and fly coach? What if — as is often the case — all the charging ports near your gate are taken? You’ll need some extra power. You can get it from an extended battery pack.

Something as simple as the Primo Micro Battery Pack will do just fine. It connects right to your iPhone charging port, giving your battery the boost it needs. At 800mAh, it can give you up to three hours talk time, which is tons. It’s almost certainly enough to get you to your destination, or at least the next charging port.

Check out the Primo Micro Battery Pack, and never leave home without it.

Joe Pawlikowski writes, edits, and consults for technology blogs across the web. His oldest project is Prepaid Reviews, which covers prepaid phones and services.

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