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Cell Phone Unlocking Bill Passed by Congress However it seen as mostly symbolic.

Cell Phone Unlocking Bill Passed by Congress However it seen as mostly symbolic.


unlocked cell phones

This is one of the most popular causes, over the past years, yet every time it was seen as being passed, it would be revoked and the hold procedure would start again. So on 30 Jul 2014 Congress Passed a Cell-Phone Unlocking Bill.

What this means that the individual can have there cell phone unlocked, but as many of us read more into the bill , in practical this bill will not effect most people


There is already a agreed voluntary unlocking policy by many of the top cell phone carriers, this new law will come into affect when new rules are draw up by the Copyright Office, this will not happen until 2015. Even this bill is seen by supporters of unlocking phones understand, it not what they where looking for, but it is still a big step forward for consumer rights, also the bill is very important symbolical and is the start more important reforms to the laws of copyright.



Cell Phone Unlocking What Is?


It all comes down to phone you buy , and in many cases that phone is lock with network provider of the cell phone in your hand , which means customer are stuck with that provider prices for given time period. Unlocking a cell phone opens up the customer to choice the cheapest price on the market, with out need to buy another phone.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act says it is illegal to circumvent a “technological measure” to access a copyrighted work. Copyright Office grants exemptions to this rule, every 3 years. This exemptions where only for those who had completed they contract with there cell phone provider, which the customer to have there hone unlocked, yet the Copyright Office did not renew any exemption in 2012 , which in turn, meant it was illegal to unlock a cell phone from 2012 to 2015


It was not until more than 114,00 sign petition was sent to white house , that things started to change , even the white house felt if a customer bought a cell phone , the customer should have the right to use cell phone however they wanted to and that cell phone unlocking should not been seen as criminal act .

So the race was on from lawmakers for and against cell-phone unlocking, to bring there own bills on the legalize cell phone unlocking


One such bill from Zoe Lofgren, California Democrat was passed, to make unlock cell phones permanently legal.

Temporary Fix

The 2014 bill is only to overturn the Copyright Office’s 2012 ruling and the review will continue to be reviewed over the next years. This bill will not be able to stopping Copyright Office from reinstating the ban.


Phones Already Unlock

At present all cell phone carriers do have a code of conduct, which promise their customer phone can be unlocked after the contract has expired, also carriers agreed that prepaid phones could also be unlocked after one year. This only happen when, Tom Wheeler (Federal Communications Commission Chairman) warned cell-phone carriers that he would consider enacting new regulations unless the companies adopted an unlocking policy.


Switch between Carriers could be difficult

Even if unlocking cell phones become legal, there still a problem when it come to switching between carriers and that is the technology which incorporated in to the phones by the cell phone carriers. For example AT&T is not compatible with sprint, which if a customer has to buy a new cell phone.

But supporters see the advancement in technology means, that argument will not be an obstacle to the bill and that all new phones will be able work on all networks.


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The Killer Smartphone Phone Which is the New LG G3 Phone

LG G3  Phone

LG G3 Phone


So the first half of this year, saw the launch of impressive range of Cell phone, with the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and of course the HTC One M8, however there was not one stand out phone, when it came down to specs as well as power.

So as customers you have an embarrassment of choice , which is great until now , before you think it save to enter the water of great smartphones , LG release their top spec cell phone LG G3 Phone , which can go toe to toe with any of this year’s big android releases.



Much was made of the G3’s size, it is bigger than the Xperia Z2 and half inch bigger than HTC One M8, So what LG have do , is to squeezed a massive display into a phone just little bit bigger than it’s rival, when it comes to the display of a phone many regarded the Galaxy S5 to have the best display of smartphones with PPI (pixels per inch) of 432, yet the G3 has 538 (PPI), which is know as Quad HD resolution, this phone incorporates a 3,000mAh battery to back it up, so no power drain


As with the Galaxy S5 the G3 has the same 2.2GHz quad – core processor, and runs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, this now make the LG G3 phone one of the most powerful smartphones on the market up to now.

Depending on which variation you choose will mean a different’ s in memory storage , the 16Gb model has a 2GB of Ram and the 32GB model phone has a very impressive 3GB , plus the G3 phone come with 4G LTE as well as running the latest Google ‘s Android software 4.4 (aka KitKat).


Also is what makes the LG G3 cell phone stand out, is the camera software , as many of the top smartphones the LG 3 comes with a 13 – megapixel lens , yet it the technology that this phone has that set it apart from the rest . G3 laser autofocus captures images faster than brain can tell the hands to clap. Also the G3 optical image stabilization is better than the G2 cell phone. G3 can record in 4K resolution, G3 come with noise reducing technology for better and clearer recordings at loud events



The LG G3 Phone comes in shine gold, silk white, metallic black, burgundy red , and moon violet

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Nokia X2 Cell Phone – Microsoft New Android Cell Phone


Nokia X2 Phones

So it has happen, Microsoft has released the second generation of phones with the Nokia X2 cell phone. So these phones are seen by the Microsoft as a gateway to getting new customer interested in widow’s phones.


One thing that stands out with the Nokia X2 Cell phone is number of preload as well as the availability of Microsoft services.


At the core is the consumer cloud services trinity, OneDrive, and Skype, which Microsoft is hoping that will be taken up by business, further in the future


X2 phone are a follow up to the original family of X’s phone such as Nokia X RM980 Black Dual SIM and Nokia X Dual Sim , 3MP, 4G

Nokia X phone became number one cell phone in Pakistan as well as 3rd best selling cell phone in India , also the Nokia phone ‘s are selling well in Russia, Kenya and Nigeria

See the official product video of Nokia X2:

The Nokia X2 Cell phone  Features:

  • a slightly bigger 4.3in (11cm) screen
  • 1GB of RAM – double the amount of memory previously included
  • a more powerful battery
  • the addition of a front-facing camera .

It will cost 99 euro ($135; £80) when released in July.

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Updated Android-based Nokia X phones

Updated Android-based Nokia X phones


So all those rumors about the Nokia X phones , could be  true and we all find out on June 24.

Microsoft conversation blog, gave the fans of nokia phones as well as on reviews, a little teaser, which mentioned launch in the next four days of a new Nokia X phone.

Their have been many whisper in wind of a new second – generation phone from Nokia , which become a part of range, call Nokia X phones. This range of new second – generation phones, will come with better lager display, a long with rear – facing as well as much superior performance over other nokia phones.

Also come with Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and also includes the Linux kernel, as well as Nokia application programming interfaces are all found on new X phones run.

Nokia built APIs will be used foe maps, push notification, plus in – app billing to replace Google’s APIs. Some of the key apps, which have been developed by mobile/ nokia arm of Microsoft, this include, Skype, Nokia Camera plus OneDrive. Owners of Nokia X phone can also download even more Android apps from the Nokia Store.

This is all apart of Microsoft strategy to get more user to use Microsoft system, and Microsoft officials are convinced Android-based phones is the right way, but not to challenge Microsoft own phones.

Is revelation of the release of the new nokia x Phone in June could be related to some launch of windows phone 8.1, from much reading it seams not. The only thing being launch is the nokia X phone.


Nokia X phone Family

Nokia X RM980 Black Dual SIM

Nokia X RM980 Black Dual SIM

 Nokia X phones

Nokia X Dual Sim , 3MP, 4G

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Shopping Guide for the Caterpillar B100 Cell Phone

Shopping Guide for the Caterpillar B100 Cell Phone

The [bl id=”1885″]Caterpillar B100 Cell Phone[/bl] is basically a hefty as well as quite larger gadget for a feature phone, that measures 56x17x121mm (2.2×0.7×4.8 inches) in addition to weighing 4.8 ounces, but again it required that should be. Making use of a sturdy rubberized-plastic shield, it possess a pair of metal supports located on the side in order to help it keep its form, locked imposition by sizable screws. Metal accents plus the open-screw motif elsewhere located on the cell phone provide it an striking visual appeal, endorsing it is undoubtedly tough sufficient to be applied as a hammer.

Ambient noise isn’t a drawback: Because of its noise-canceling microphone in addition to high-quality speaker, you’ll hear the caller as well as they’ll hear you, loud  and clear.

[bl id=”1885″]The Caterpillar B100 Cell Phone[/bl] withstands harsh  conditions and jarring blows with a tough outer shell that absorbs the impact of falls, and impressive waterproofing . Beyond that, the phone lacks features games and apps – but chances are that’s not why you’re buying this phone. If you need a rugged handset to take adventuring, though, it’s more than tough enough

Product details

  • Water*- and dust proof
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Functions in temperatures of -25°C (-13°F) to 55°C (131°F)
  • High-quality speaker
  • Impact-resistant from a drop of 1.8 meters (5’11”)
  • Talk time of up to 10 hours


Processor: Media Tek MT6276W

Platform/OS: MTK NUCLEUS (version 2.1)



Maximum Downlink Data Rate: 384 Kbps
Maximum Uplink Data Rate: 384 Kbps


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