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Thanks to further steps taken to prevent and control pollution, the discharge of major pollutants continued to fall.
Implementation of control measures became routine, and over 85 percent of the population received a full course of vaccination.
Weak links in the industrial chains of key industries were reinforced and upgraded. Digital  and smart technologies were adopted in traditional industries at a faster rate, and emerging industries maintained good momentum for development.
It (a growth target of 5.5 percent) represents a medium-high rate of growth given our large economic aggregate, and demonstrates our ability to move proactively. But achieving this goal will require arduous efforts.
We need to step up efforts to study and protect against virus variants, accelerate R&D of vaccines and effective medicines, and continue implementing vaccination programs.
In our work this year, we must make economic stability our top priority and pursue progress while ensuring stability.
We have both macro-policy tools and space available to us, and we should use them to intensify cross- and counter-cyclical adjustments and to provide strong support for a stable economic performance.
New funds will be channeled to local levels of government and used mainly to ease the difficulties of enterprises, stabilize employment, meet living needs, and increase consumption and demand.
The lion’s share of investment in China comes from the non-government sector. We will give full play to the leveraging role of major projects and government investment and refine relevant supporting policies to keep non-government investors fully motivated.
Government will keep its belt tightened and keep spending low to benefit the people.
Catering, hospitality, retail, tourism, and passenger transport sectors have a large capacity for employment. However, they have been severely affected by COVID-19. Support policies will be weighted more heavily toward enterprises in these sectors to help them stay afloat and get through challenging times with bright prospects.
We will speed up training of skilled workers who are urgently needed to promote high-quality development of manufacturing. These efforts will enable more workers to acquire marketable skills and large numbers of talented people to come to the fore in all sectors.
We will provide more support to young researchers, and encourage outstanding people of all types to devote themselves to research and realize their full potential.
We will work to nurture specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products and provide them with more support in terms of funding, personnel, and development of business incubation platforms.
We will boost personal incomes through multiple channels, improve the income distribution system, and increase people’s spending power.
各方面要共同努力,装满 “米袋子”、充实 “菜篮子”,把14亿多中国人的饭碗牢牢端在自己手中。
Everyone must work together to ensure that the country’s “rice bag” and “vegetable basket” are well-filled, and that we have a secure food supply for more than 1.4 billion Chinese people.
We will encourage foreign-invested enterprises to move into a broader range of sectors, and support more foreign investment in medium- and high-end manufacturing, R&D, and modern services, as well as in the central, western and northeastern regions.
To advance China’s energy revolution and ensure energy supply, we will, based on our resource endowment, push forward the transformation toward low-carbon development, in accordance with overall planning and the principle of establishing the new before abolishing the old.
There are 290 million students in schools and universities in China. We must ensure that education, which is important to millions of families and the future of our nation, is well-run.
We will continue the ongoing efforts to combat organized crime and root out local criminal gangs, and firmly prevent and crack down on illegal and criminal activities of all types, so as to reach a higher level in building a peaceful China and advancing the rule of law in China.
We will avoid a one-size-fits-all approach, refrain from making local governments take excessive policy steps, and continue easing the burdens on those working on the ground.




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