Have You Ever Received A Troublesome Phone Call?

  We’ve all had a prank telephone get in touch with at one particular point or another.  Most of the time, we either laugh a little and shake our heads, and occasionally we get annoyed but let it roll off our backs.  What if the call was anything that genuinely disturbed you although?  Maybe it […] Read more

Cell Phone Unlocking Bill Passed by Congress However it seen as mostly symbolic.

Cell Phone Unlocking Bill Passed by Congress However it seen as mostly symbolic.   This is one of the most popular causes, over the past years, yet every time it was seen as being passed, it would be revoked and the hold procedure would start again. So on 30 Jul 2014 Congress Passed a Cell-Phone […] Read more

The Killer Smartphone Phone Which is the New LG G3 Phone

  So the first half of this year, saw the launch of impressive range of Cell phone, with the Samsung Galaxy S5, Sony Xperia Z2 and of course the HTC One M8, however there was not one stand out phone, when it came down to specs as well as power. So as customers you have […] Read more

Nokia X2 Cell Phone – Microsoft New Android Cell Phone

  So it has happen, Microsoft has released the second generation of phones with the Nokia X2 cell phone. So these phones are seen by the Microsoft as a gateway to getting new customer interested in widow’s phones.   One thing that stands out with the Nokia X2 Cell phone is number of preload as […] Read more

Updated Android-based Nokia X phones

Updated Android-based Nokia X phones So all those rumors about the Nokia X phones , could be  true and we all find out on June 24. Microsoft conversation blog, gave the fans of nokia phones as well as on reviews, a little teaser, which mentioned launch in the next four days of a new Nokia X […] Read more
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